Lot of Reason to be Happy!

4:31 PM
I up too early today and don't know what to do yet first thing that popped my mind was to check my phone as other do then suddenly get up and turned my pc on to check mails. After doing so I read blogs from different bloggers I loved like David Guison, Adrian Peter, Kriz Uy, Vern Enciso and Melody Co just to name some.  They we're actually my peg bloggers and looking forward to be as good as them. As I was just reading blogs across www, I little find out that I haven't open my blog comments account yet to approved some comments if there's any; found there some and approved all; before doing so I read some comments and I can't help my self to smile and overwhelmed how my ordinary blog affect people even just in my own little way. This blog isn't as good as others yet like others I already established something here. I guess this is a good sign of making my Tuesday hits its positivity.

Talking about positivity and happiness, there are a lot of reasons why people choice to be happy; because happiness is a choice though  so you better to choice being happy instead of putting yourself on the corner and do sad face. Bad vibes. So choice to be happy because this can make you look good, young and awesome. According to research people who are able to enjoy simple pleasures, have a sunny disposition and positive outlook on life are less likely to have heart attacks and strokes. Again if you don't want to die fast ---smile and be happy.
We are Filipinos and no matter what happens we always find ways to smile midst everything we've been through. Life is so short so be unhappy.

For me as a blogger the only thing that made me smile are the people who loved what I'm doing. Really evident on how they respond on my blog. Photos below are just samples of the things that made my blogging career the most beautiful thing in the world. I'm just  talking about my blogging life here not as much as personal life yet indeed blogging is my life as well.

How overwhelming  indeed reading such comment on my blog; drives me more on doing what I love to do and spreading the goodness I have. These are blessing and I owe God for everything. Ins't it heart warming to read a post like this, if I'm just too dramatic I guess this made me cry. hehe Again, screenshot here are just some of the lovely comments I love reading over and over on my blog.

As I was saying that I'm reading across blog, today just this morning talking about happiness this is my favorite post from HENRIK EDBERG of the POSITIVITYBLOG

A smile is one of the most simple, inexpensive and wonderful things in the world.

Still, often we forget about this one powerful action while we get lost in the details of today and tomorrow. We feel tired and we got too much to do at work and we got to pay the bills and why did I get the grumpiest cashier at the supermarket…

Here are 5 reasons why smiling as often as you can will put more positivity into your life.

1. You will get a boost of happiness – try forcing yourself to smile for thirty seconds right now. The great feelings that make you smile works in reverse too. By making yourself smile, no matter how you feel, your body will start to release all those wonderful chemicals that makes you feel happy. Try it right now and feel the difference.

2. A smile changes your state – if you feel frustrated, angry or bored a smile changes your emotional state. And a positive state is not just more fun but also opens up to other possibilities in your mind. You will see the world differently through a happier lens. And then you can start building on that to have a string of positive actions and interactions with other people throughout the day.

3. A smile changes other people’s state – walking into a room or up to the counter in a store with a smile on your face can make a world of difference. People will smile back at you and be more helpful and any social tension or awkwardness will melt away. And your interactions will be more open, relaxed and filled with fun and possibilities.

4. Well, why shouldn’t you smile? – when choosing between a frown, a blank expression or a smile the last choice seems to be the most productive and positive choice, doesn’t it? Sure, often you will forget to smile or maybe you just don’t feel like it. But if you try to remember it and use it more often you will soon develop a new habit.

5. It’s easier to smile than doing the opposite – you actually use less muscles while smiling than while frowning or making an angry face. Well, that’s probably what you have heard at least. Barbara Mikkelson over at Urban Legends Reference Pages reaches a more uncertain conclusion. But still, if you start smiling more your smiling muscles will soon become stronger than your frowning muscles. And it will become easier and easier to smile than doing the opposite.
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