Joining Giveaways will Burn out Boredom!

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If you work or at home, you know that it's easy to get burnt out. You probably have a ton of different eggs in your basket, and sometimes it feels like you're pushing a boulder uphill. Something you can do to alleviate some of your boredom, take a break and potentially win something great is to enter giveaways.

Now, I know what you're thinking and I know it tinged on your mind what I'm talking about. If not all, I know some of you reading now are must say good in joining giveaways.

In joining giveaways, there are a lot of things bumping on our mind plus hesitation and the notion of ending your time being wasted. We never know until we tried it.

"But I won't win. I never win stuff like that." Normal reaction of a first timer 'cause even me experienced this.

You never know! And if you don't enter, you DEFINITELY won't win. There are things you can do to hedge your bets, however. One of the easiest ways to up your odds is to enter giveaways that have only a few entries. I, myself is a proof of doing this stuff and the better tip I can give, know the giveaway/s you are joining.

With the popularity of blogging and the Internet, there are now many giveaways and sweepstakes for any item you can imagine. The prizes might not be worth a million, but they could earn you a nice amount of cash or an expensive item that you could sell. I sell some of my winnings, items I don't like using or I don't need but if it's a gadget then I should keep it for myself than sharing to my friends like my usual doings every time I win.

Since winning a giveaway is a matter of chance, think of entering giveaways as a hobby. If you normally sit down at night to watch 30 minutes of television to relax, maybe spend that time entering giveaways and online sweepstakes instead. It is important not to get obsessed with entering giveaways, or you could burn out quickly.

There are plenty of places to enter giveaways. Many bloggers now offer giveaways to grow their readership, so there are many opportunities. Count me in for hosting a lot of giveaways here on my blog.


Have a blog because you can earn additional entries into giveaways by blogging about it and/or by adding the site owners button/banner to your blog. Create separate account like email, facebook, twitter to name some. Note that make sure all these accounts are valid and not a week old accounts; so you better establish the said account first before joining contest. Complete your account information so it wont look like a fake account. Make it up to date and invite more friends to be part of that circle. This also helps you make your personal life away from joining contest.


I only enter a handful of giveaways a day, so I just keep a simple list with the link to the giveaway and the day it ends. I do go back to the links because a few bloggers never e-mail the winners; they just assume you will check the giveaway announcement to see if you are the winner.

Only enter those giveaways you truly want to win.  If you enter for everything and anything, you won’t be as excited when you win, it will be more time consuming, and you will potentially clutter your house, especially if you can’t sell the items.

Have you tried entering giveaways on a regular basis? If so, what have you won? Wanna hear from you.

Credits for some info from Bargaineering and WHAMARTICLES

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