Blank and Filled

Custom design on our sneakers and on other stuff like T-shirts, shorts and caps to name some online has never been easier or more affordable. With the latest in website technology, person’ creativity it's easy to choose how you'd like your sneaker to look, change the colors, put letters, add a logo, and etcetera that meets all your needs.

The other day while surfing online, a friend of mine introduces me a facebook online shop that the he badly loved. Without my hesitation, I bumped myself with it and found Blank and Filled. At first, I was mesmerized how cool their products are and the designs of the shoes they created. For not thinking twice I told myself to blog about them and featured them here. So, here it is. They will be our 2nd Featured store for the year 2013. Let me give you a brief description about them and what the store has to offer for everyone.

Blank and Filled where the world shops for custom sneakers and other unique stuff that express people's unique personalities. It is your one-stop shop for unique and personalized gifts, from simple to stunning, silly to sentimental. And because their products are customizable, you can give a gift that comes straight from the heart and shows your recipient how much you care or even just buying for yourself. Your personalized item from them will be cherished forever!

Blank and Filled sells hand painted crafts, customized items, and a lot more. A guerilla art brand that produces high quality hand painted sneaker designs, unconventional accessories and a whole lot more. The former name was Pimp My Shoes and now since they're now bigger and better… the new name created; Blank and Filled.

Facebook: Blank and Filled

Here are some of their custom sneakers. Well made. Bravo!

Blank and Filled entry during Levi's design-a-shoe competition. Submitted this design during the final. This is not for sale because the design is now owned by Levi's.

Here's what I got from their Instagram.

I so wanted to upload all their photos/designs on this post yet a sneak peak would be enough to spoil your guys and trigger you to visit their page. Apart from Shoes, they also have bracelets and other stuff.

I easily attached myself to them because of their creativity and how I wish I can do something like that. The only and the least thing I can do to re-style my shoes are through spray paint; it's still kind of hard for me though. So I am giving this store a 5/5 rate. Kudos to the people behind this shop. You guys already.

I guess I'll end this post that apart from their tagline, they can use mine:
"Style the shoes you ever dreamed of... everything is possible."

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