Two Dragons Finding Love

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"Two Dragons together means double the intelligence, double the luck — and double the fire! This is the most celebrated sign of the Chinese zodiac, as a certain sense of magic seems to enhance all it does. Luck is a big factor in the Dragon’s life, in love, money and career success, and as long as two Dragons together don’t inspire one another to take unwise risks, there’s no limit to what they can do together!" I'm the type of person who really believes on the love compatability not on what the astrology has to say but this story prove to us that dragon despite of being a creature of myth and legend, they also bound together sealed with intense power of happiness and love.

Two Dragons Finding Love
by: Raisa Mae Fernandez

26 December 2012

I think you won’t mind that my Christmas present arrives a day late.

I know we have had so many things going on this year, but I know mostly it’s mostly my fault. I have personal issues then I drag you in them. There are expectations, there are ambitions and then there are my shortcomings and my demands. I don’t know why you keep up with it all. I swear it is better if you left me alone but you don’t which is why it also makes me feel guilty and so grateful that you are still there, even if I have mood swings twice a week.

The truth is I am also scared of being alone and you happen to be my closest friend in the absence of my long-time friends even if we happen to be in the same city. But at least you are there for me, and we happen to be only a few feet away from each other which makes it easier for you to know and  hear what I want to say, even if it is just about the small things. It eliminates the need for me to have to meet you for lunch dates, the effort of beating traffic jams just so we could see each other after work, or having to reschedule and meet during weekends because we both value rest and relaxation so much.

We both started the year with optimism, knowing that it was the transition year for those under the dragon sign. But I look back and see the negativity highlight most of it. The truth is, I feel the same way about next year and I am quite scared too. I don’t know where to find myself next year, if am still to keep my job. I still want to go back to school. But here I am a sitting duck with all my fears and uncertainty. My parents’ expectations do not make it any easier though. That’s the problem with them. They do not bother to ask. I still want to travel and see places, have new experiences. I am going to turn a year older and I wonder, and still try to convince myself that there is still hope.

Enough about me then. I went out to get you a little something to remember this year’s Christmas. In all fairness, I had fun this year.

Thank you for everything. You make me feel secure and more grounded than you would ever know. I think I will be so clueless without you.

*Note: Christmas present was a bottle of 11:55 perfume from Oxygen

Author's Footnote:

If you have heard of relationships being carried on without really knowing what the next days would bring, this one is an example. Living in the moment might be the situation, and that is how we carry on. This is my first serious and mature relationship which is already in its third year coming March 2013 and would you find it believable that each day is the same as if it were our first year together? There are still the disagreements, the moments we laugh at our corny jokes and the times we are just grateful for the small things.

We are both born in the Year of the Dragon and it has become our icons, which explains the title above. If there is a special person who needs to hear how much he is appreciated, I went ahead and did with this note.
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