Blugré Coffee ‏Brewing a New Treat

7:51 PM
"We are not just a cup of coffee: we  are a global brand,
a lifestyle and a brand that gives back!"

Blugré Coffee is Davao's first and leading coffee shop founded by Gatchi and Larcy Gatchalian since 1988. It's very master franchisee is Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao. Apart from invading Davao, it has now different branches across south area of Mindanao -2 franchises here in GenSan is owned by the World Boxing Champion Many "PacMan" Pacquiao (located at Robinsons Place GenSan and 2nd Floor Al Fresco Strip, SM City GenSan).

Blugré Coffee aims to fame it's signature Durian flavor drinks; the GATCHPUCCINO from Hot to Ice Blended. It is dubbed as "The King of all Coffees" as durian being the king of all fruits.

Aside from Blugré Coffee regular specialty shop menu items like espresso, latte, mocha and cappuccino to name some. Here's a great treat they are gearing to be serve very soon on all their shops that best suits for "barkada", executive meetings or even just a simple group gatherings.

Php 2,000 with 100 GC

  • 5 Cafe Mocha
  • 5 Ice-Blended Mocha
  • 3 Cheese Rol bites
  • 3 Choco Torte
  • 2 Potato Chips

Php 4,000 with 200 GC

  • 5 Cappuccino
  • 5 Cafe Mocha
  • 5 Brewed Coffee of Ice Blended tea
  • 5 Durian Cappuccino
  • 3 Tuna Cheese Melt
  • 3 Sausage Pepper Pene
  • 3 Choco Torte
  • 3 Potato Chips

Php 5,000 with 500 GC

  • 10 Cappuccino
  • 10 Brewed Coffee or House Blended Ice tea
  • 10 Ice Blended Durian
  • 5 Ham and Cheese
  • 5 Cheese Roll Bites
  • 5 Choco Torte
  • 4 Penne Tuna Pesto Cream

Apart from these mentioned soon to offer treats; Blugre now serves BREAKFAST! Blugré Coffee target to open a total of 22 shops nationwide. Blugré Coffee is known in Davao and GenSan and soon the World.

For updates visit Blugré Coffee ‏online:

Web: Blugré Coffee
Twitter: @blugre

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