Inexpensive Date Ideas

12:00 PM
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether we admit or not we still think of something to make this day extra especially not just for us but for our other half as well. One way is preparing for a date. But sometimes when we talk about date, the first thing that bump into us is the idea of spending a lot but it's really what we think it is.
With that in mind, here are some cheap date ideas from Helium covering couples whether you both are adventurous, sporty, culture and etcetera. Got an even tighter budget? Then try the free dating idea suggestions instead.

1. Cook for your date. Cooking your own romantic meal is a great alternative to eating out. Preparing a meal for your date, allows you to get creative and share some of your favorite dishes. The key to pulling this date off is to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Dress the table with linen, nice crockery and perhaps even light a candle to set the mood. Don’t despair if you aren't skilled in the culinary arts; enlist the help of a friend or family member to help you prepare the perfect feast.
2. Go for a stroll outside. Taking long walks together can be a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company. Whether it's a walk along the beach, taking the dogs for some exercise or ambling through a forest trail; this date not only gives you time together but it's also a healthy option, giving you fresh air and plenty of exercise. Perhaps the best thing about this date idea is that it won’t cost you a thing, walking is completely free.
3. Go on a picnic date. If the weather is mild, picnics can be the ideal date to choose, especially if you like being outdoors. They are relatively inexpensive, as most of the items you will need can be found in your cupboards at home. Picnics are also incredibly romantic, especially on a nice summer’s day. Pack a hamper full of sandwiches, treats and refreshments and arrange to meet your date at a local park. Don't forget to pack a blanket to sit on; your date won’t appreciate getting dirt on their outfit.

Dating shouldn't cost you a lot of money, it can be an expensive game and with the current economy struggling, we all have to stretch our incomes a lot further. What a lot of people don’t know, is that dating doesn't have to require a lot of money. There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a romantic date, without having to part with all of your hard earned cash. Go for simple ways, cheapest yet meaningful indeed
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