Hello FEB-ibig Month

11:30 AM
The month of February focuses our attention on love. Cards are bought, candy is given, kisses abound. What is it about love? We simply cannot get enough of it. Indeed, Love is in the air again.

February is the month of hearts. We celebrate love on Valentine's Day, and we go red to remind us that hearts can be broken but red means as well that we're totally in love. When talking about Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? The sweet scent of roses and chocolates? The sight of candles, champagne and a sweet dinner? Or is it instead the looks of love in everyone's eyes? Well, it's all of these and more! Some people love it, others dread it. But no matter what your feelings about Valentine's Day, there's no avoiding it. Love is Love; and we all February...

Wishing everyone that we welcome February with love and advance Happy Valentine's Day. To my colleagues who's single like me... advance Single Awareness Day. LOL

Love is all there really is. All of us get away from that center now and again. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for remembering that love is not expensive, it is not hard, and there are no age limits. Love is real, it is deep, and it is priceless.

Stay happy and stay in Love!
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