Job Application Fashion - Smart Things to Wear for Your Job Interview (Men)

11:25 PM
Bearing pleasing looks during a job interview gives a big impact on your application. Think twice if thought tells you that appearance cannot uplift yourself during a job interview. You could be the smartest person in the world, but if what you look doesn't impress the interviewer, you may have taken yourself out of the running. A first impression is often a final decision since you will be judge at first glance. As said, think again since your look is an expression of who you are and how you approach your work.

This post is the second part and the male version of the same article title I posted days ago. This time, men's clothing is hunted only at Like women formal version, lets play a little on fashion here for men. Will spice a little on your job interview outfit. Hope you we learn from these tips or ideas on what to wear for a job interview to get an edge on the competition.

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For only P 1,799.00, the versatile and effortlessly smart, these Pants by Azur Lapiz Lazuli are cut for a polished look. Pair with a crisp white shirt, leather loafers and your favorite timepiece to complement the outfit.

Now on sale for only P 5,565.00. These Lace Up Shoes byAdolfo Carli will make a great addition to your office ensemble. Pair them with slacks and a plain button down shirt for a sharp and smart casual look. 

Real classics keep going strong through the years, and the Timex Original Shape is definitely one of them. This watch has been keeping the time and making people look good for a long time and show no signs of stopping. For only P 5,990.00.

This P 999.75 Dress Belt from Pierre Cardin gives a refined and sharp finishing touch to your work wear arsenal. Wear it with a navy suit or slim fitting trousers for a polished and dapper look that can take you from sun-up to sun-down.

These are just a simple guidepost and hope you like it and somehow learn something from it.  For more awesome fashion finds, visit Shop and use voucher code: GemTadefa to get discount upon checking out. You may refer to the image below.

Bottom line:
  • Invest in a new interview outfit. Consult others if you're unsure with your clothes or don't know how to pick good clothes to wear. If you have lot of clothes in your closet, then better do the mix and match.
  • Pay great attention to grooming – hair, nails, etc. Looking good will give you more confidence and self worth. It will carry your whole look as well.
  • Don't wear anything uncomfortable that will make you feel self-conscious or distracted. This will affect your mindset, aura, everything. You'll end up ruining yourself.
  • Look like someone who already works there. Doesn't mean you have to copy the whole look, just be as smart as what the company employees looks like.

Do forget what you're wearing once you get in the room. You've done all the groundwork in looking great - now it's about telling them what you can do. These are just simple but smart things to wear for a job interview. Good luck!
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