Red Trellis Seafood Garden - Valley High branch Now Serving!

12:34 PM
Another place to dine in. Just last night, Red Trellis Seafood Garden opened its newest branch
located at Valley High of Microtel GenSan.

Dining in like eating outside the garden because of its simple yet cozy design which makes you feel like home still. There were trellis design on the ceiling as what the resto signature store design.

Savor Red Trellis sumptuous taste especially the seafood dishes being served and what they've stored for its diners. What makes this resto stand out is its distinct flavor on seafood menu that no any other restaurant in the city has. Apart from that, it’s also a good place to chill out as they prepare below-zero beers for everyone.

For reservations, you can call them at these numbers: +83-3022722; +83-5520256. Visit their main branch at Tiongson Ext. cor Calina St. Lagao (fronting Notre Dame IBED), General  Santos City.
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