Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger is Back!

8:42 PM
It is said that the tastiest burger is here again and indeed a damn yummy burger called Amazing Aloha gives clamor as it headed its way back to Jollibee stores nationwide. The only burger that tastes simply amazing in every bite.

Photo from web

I couldn't believe the day would come, but it did! Last May 15, 2013, Amazing Aloha was amazingly reintroduced to the public here in GenSan together with the Sox Bloggers. This major come back happened at Jollibee Mabuhay Highway branch, GenSan City.

Photo credit to Ate Cathy Bolodo

What I liked the most about this burger is the sumptuous distinct flavor that only Amazing Aloha burger have. The pineapple gives a big impact as it twisted the flavor from sweet to slight sourness on its patties. Since I love vegetables, I also enjoy the lettuce in it, however I'm quite disappointed with the bacon; they only put a small amount which resulted for not noticing its taste. Just right amount of cheese. Combination of ingredients wise, perfect for me.

I'm actually hearing that this would only available for a limited time frame. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, however, again, am sure that most of us really loved this burger and must say that it’s now my favorite Jollibee burger.  I hope they keep this on their menu permanently! As in forever.

OLA! HoolA! Amazing Aloha!
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