Dolefil @ 50 presents Miss Dolefil GOLD!

8:43 PM
Indeed age doesn't matter for these lovely ladies who took the liberty to stand and represent their respective department/division for the battle of beauty, glamour, and brain as Dolefil celebrates its 50 years of success bringing the once in a lifetime beauty pageant; the Miss Dolefil Gold.

Beautiful, sophisticated, stylish and modern 11 sexy ladies fire up the stage to compete to each others to bring home the crown as Mutya ng Dolefil 50. Sox Bloggers were invited to witness the said pageant last June 07, 2013; and it is just one of the planned activities in celebration of Dolefil as it turns 50 years old with the theme: Dolefil @ 50: Reaping the Rewards of the Golden Years.

The said pageant was hosted by Joey C., Laila and Aethan -who definitely showed off their great hosting prowess. Apart from the candidates’ family, their division colleagues were there as well supporting them throughout the contest. Not to mention their proud division heads also. Immeasurable energy, loudest cheers and killer drums roared the whole gymnasium creating a wild clamor which intense the pageant to the highest level.

Candidate #3 Miss Estampador of Manufacturing Department crowned as Miss Dolefil Gold. Applauded for a job well done. She really deserved the crown and even the competitors yelled for her for the win.

Bottom line:

All of them are winners already and seeing them in stage made them Miss Dolefil Gold not just by title but they as is and they will never be forgotten by the whole Dolefil industry for their courage, effort, time and heart as they took part of this once in a lifetime event. Bravo to all of you!

Fun time! After the pageant and before we go back home in GenSan; Sox Bloggers performed GENTLEMAN behind the judges table. Good thing, nobody is watching 'cause they are all busy on stage taking pictures with the winners. HAHA!

I dont own all the photos since I was busy watching the show. Photos are all owned by my Sox Bloggers colleagues and it is properly credited to them. Thank you.
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