Side Trip at Clubhouse, Kalsangi

9:24 PM
After attending the turnover of the 6 daycare centers to 6 different barangays in Polomolok; Dolefil arranged a very sumptuous lunch at Clubhouse, Kalsangi together with some bloggers and the group were led by our tour guide and Dolefil's Communications Superintendent Ms. Gwyn Ann Ebol. Visiting the place is not new to me, and in fact I've been going back and forth to this place for quite some time now.

Right on the foot of Mt. Matutum; Clubhouse, Kalsangi is located in the middle DOLE Philippines' vast pineapple plantation at Polomolok, South Cotabato and it is just a 20 to 30 minutes travel away from GenSan. This is an exclusive place for Dolefil management that holds top positions in the industry. It looks like a small village with complete amenities like school, bakeshop, playground, pools and golf course to name some. A small souvenir shop can be found inside as well wherein you can buy limited and exclusive Dolefil goodies and merchandise.

Good food, tranquility, and this place beautiful environment will easily captured your heart, It's more than 50 year-old pine trees within and around the clubhouse gives you an aura and resemblance of like visiting Tagayatay. Not to mention, the weather nailed it too. However, Clubhouse, Kalsangi is not open for public destination as what you think it is; thus, you could book a reservation prior to your visit on the place, but it’s not as easy as booking a reservation in a restaurant, unless, you knew at least one of any Dolefil's top brass from inside. Another way of getting there is you must first ask for a sponsor from any Dole regular employee. That will serve as your ticket for you to be able to visit this very exclusive village.

While we're all waiting for the food to be served, we do a side trip around the area. Upon going back to the restaurant; Tada! Food is served! Mouth watering well presented food and definitely 100% delicious. Leaving your poor tongue wanting for more and more.

Hoping that you could see it for yourself and be mesmerize how beautiful this secret wonderland down south.
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