Love for SpongeBob and Bob!

11:39 PM
I seldom watch cartoon shows for I thought that this is only good for kiddos, however, this somehow made me realize that thinking such idea made me old. I actually watch cartoons only if my fave character Taz (Tazmanian Devil) were there on the show. However, lately, I have been acquainted to SpongeBob show; SpongeBob Squarepants because of my niece. I honestly don’t like it for the reason that I find the show a bit offensive, I mean, the context, I don’t know if it’s just me but I somehow see no point, kinda stupid and indeed a time killer.

But what I love about SpongeBob is that amid the show being pointless, the characters are retarded, I still find it very entertaining and the random fun it gives, it’s awesome. Now, who's stupid of having an ironic thought from first paragraph? LOL! It isn't the best show but this is one of the coolest kiddy cartoons and must say the famous among Nickelodeon shows.

SpongeBob is SpongeBob. Bob is bob. Oh wait! Who is Bob by the way? Ha-ha. I know it’s irrelevant but I would like to use this post to be not too mainstream of telling him how much I love Bob. My boyfriend actually. I will just give 5 things why I love him. I will not attach a photo of him for a reason.

1. The way we can tell each other anything. From the huge things to the simple little things, and how he can brighten my day.

2. When he ignores everything and all his attention is in me. Like when he doesn't care about anybody.

3. I love how I can't help but to feel like the luckiest person in the world to have him.

4. His smile is pronounced, making me smile every time I picture him.

5. He is crazy in a nice way. A bit naughty at times.

I actually have a lot to say but I would like to leave those things by whispering it to his ear. hehe! Not to mention, Bob is good looking too. We are both new in the relationship and I am sure, this will last for I do believe that he came into my life for a very wonderful reasons. I loved the feeling of being inlove.
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