Why I like travelling even if it is a Rainy Season?

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Everyone loves to travel especially during summer days, yet, only few takes the chances of spending their getaway when it’s a rainy season. Maybe I guess they overlooked what nature can serve. There may be a lot of rain but the scenery will be lush. That moment when my eyes start to "blink blink"; fascinated.

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So, apart from that go green campaign of rainy season "haha". Reason why I like travelling during rainy seasons are the chances of skipping the overrun of crowd to great places, the time I feel like it’s my world. I am not that crazy yet but I don’t know, rain is rain and I have a secret love with rain shower though I'm old enough to play under the rain. It is indeed inconvenient, but it's really on how you look at it. Just enjoy. Feels like you are being trapped to one place but instead of complaining, it gives you the time to stop and savor the things around you. Another thing I noticed, the impact of rainfall on the roof top or on the umbrella you are holding with will create a perfect musical background. Oooppsss! Don't get emo when it happens, just enjoy because it happened. Priceless indeed compared to sunny days that will just give you a sightseeing race.

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Travelling during the raining season may have few disadvantages; however, there are a lot of advantages as well. Note that rain will not dampen your plans, but gave you a bigger room to think and again, create better plans. Though there are a lot of indoor activities during rainy season while travelling like visiting museum and gallery; doing outdoor fun with the rain will grace up your moment. Bear in mind that you have to be ready for anything and remember to have fun –even in the rain.

Post Script:

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