Must Haves on List this Christmas 2013!

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It is really never too early to come up with something to start the Christmas season especially here in the Philippines. As early as September, us, Filipino, it's been part of our tradition to prepare for the yuletide season. By this, more than ever with so many options out there, there will be a less time to consume and you can skip from massive shop rats.

Preparing in advance is very important for you to be able not to miss the good bits and pieces; you can decide properly on which things to buy and most of all, you can do the assessment for you to get the best deal taking into account the quality of the stuff you are buying.

Through these, I come up with a list of must haves this Christmas 2013 which I decided to write by categories. However, you might find it more on my personal needs and views. So, bear with me. Anyway, here as follows:

When it come to gift a man, everyone say it’s really hard to shop for them, perhaps yes, but if you will just look to the things around you, no doubt that there is a vast choice for men. All you have to do is to know the person who will receive the present.

  • o   Gadget
  • o   Phone Case
  • o   Wristwatch
  • o   Leather Wallet
  • o   Grooming Kit
  • o   Fragrance
  • o   Jacket
  • o   Jersey
  • o   Razor
  • o   Underwear
  • o   Cool Caps
  • o   MP3 Player
  • o   Headset
  • o   Scooter
  • o   Sneakers
  • o   Sunglasses
  • o   Basketball Ball
  • o   Personalized Key holder
  • o   Engraved Shot Glass
  • o   Wine

Giving extra effort is a must when giving a gift to women and it has to be special. They have this behavior that this minute they like this and the next minute they don't. So if I were you, you have to tap those people close to the person who will get the gift. But, most of all women are up to fashion and beauty, so you start your mark from there.

  • Ø  Hair Kit
  • Ø  Perfume
  • Ø  Bracelets
  • Ø  Jewelry
  • Ø  Accessories
  • Ø  Bags
  • Ø  Dresses
  • Ø  Camera
  • Ø  Nail Polish
  • Ø  Phone Cases
  • Ø  Lingerie
  • Ø  Kindle Fire
  • Ø  Lipstick (Super RED is a must. haha)
  • Ø  Flowers
  • Ø  Stuff Toy
  • Ø  Chocolates
  • Ø  Bath Products
  • Ø  Heels
  • Ø  A day at the Spa
  • Ø  Dinner Date
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Giving gift doesn't mean you have to give out your last bucks; it’s a way of expressing ones gratefulness. This is what I am actually doing now. Listing the things I would like to gift to people and of course to myself as well. Last Christmas, I gift myself with a book, top, chocolates and above all, I sent a sweet letter to myself, sounds crazy but doing so gave me a good feeling in which I wrote the things that made me as a person and thank myself of a job well done last year. –And I am looking forward of doing it again this 2013 but with a different approach and that what am working on now. I hope you find it very useful. Thank you for reading. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!
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