Civet Coffee Trekking (Photos)

10:15 PM
Recently, DOLE Philippines and business partners organized a quick visit to a B'laan community in Kinilis, Polomolok, South Cotabato -- home of the world's most expensive coffee. +Pages Flipper got an invite together with the employees of Dolefil, Mahintana Foundation Incorporated, Sarangani Resources Corp, Howard Hubbard Memorial Hospital and Dole Philippines School trekked almost the peak of Mt. Matutum to personally experience the upland (around 1300 meters above sea level) coffee plantation that provides livelihood to numerous families in the area. This Civet Coffee Trekking adventure is in celebration of Dolefil's Golden Anniversary. Adventure proofs after the jump.

It was a short notice sent to me yet still managed myself to join the trekking though since I just separated home to my parents and little by little transferring my stuff to my new crib, -this gave me a problem of not wearing the outfit that best suit for trekking; so I end up with a shirt, short and an ankle-height boots. So, from GenSan, I was fetched by a van from Dolefil accompanied with Ms. Gwyn Ann Ebol - Dolefil's Communication Superintendent.

with Dolefil HR Director Mel Hernandez (wearing jacket) and the trekking heads as they officially welcome the start of the Civet Coffee Trekking 

Gathering everyone to discussed the Do's and Dont's in trekking Mt. Matutum and what to do upon reaching the area where coffee trees located
mountain for wild monkeys behind me
Tall tress behind me are Civet Cat's home

Mr. Fred Fredeluces discussed the habitat of Civet Cat and how these mammal process the coffee beans inside their digestive system

Top brass of Dolefil talking about the coffee land improvement

with Gwyn Ebol holding the poop beans of Civet Cat

The great team during the Civet Coffee Trekking take a pose before take off

The trekking ends back here and everyone seems so tired yet fulfilled with the adventure

A very sumptuous boodle fight lunch
Savoring the best boodle fight food combination

B'laan community performed tribal dance for everyone that finally closed the Civet Coffee Trekking activity.

Visit Dolefil official Facebook account for more details: Dolefil at 50
...and updates about their incoming events in celebration of their Golden Anniversary.
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