Pizza Parlor: Tia Nina Bistro

11:49 PM
Another place I may be inflating the score for, but the food here is good. Tia Nina Bistro originally started out as Mama Maria's Pizza and I was happy to see it make its way up here in GenSan little by little. Changing the name don't actually have any bearing however, it's a good move because the new branding is great. Recently, we finally were able to try this new pizza stop.

Store location is good for its just downtown; however it’s not merely that noticeable though it is just along the road. Tia Nina is a stone’s throw away from GenSan’s night out party bars. The facade color combination is convincing that you are really going into a pizza shop. The glass window became translucent because of the overload tarps; I just find it crowded with promotions stuff. Hope they get rid some of those. The place inside is just enough for a 30 to 40 pax surrounded by beautiful wall design of different national heritages of Europe. Tia Nina is a wifi zone for you to be able to still connect with your social friends.

The food is just good. Nothing is really spectacular aside from their large pizza size with four flavors in it. I guess, that’s a good idea to people who can't decide of which flavor to eat. By just 1 order of pizza, you can savor 4 great flavors that will surely going to satisfy your pizza craving.

Apart from serving pizza, they also offer combo meals which include but not limited to pasta, fried chicken, and garlic bread to name some. Served foods are as not as much as it was presented on the ads poster as usual. But I would like to recommend this because they've got a good pasta carbonara.

Service wise, since there were few of us, the staff can really focus on the customers, and I find the girl on the cashier very courteous. They don't keep you wait for too long before serving your orders. Just really in time. Tia Nina has an adequate customer service.

Another pizza parlor good for group hangouts. They have buffet eat-all-you-can every Sunday. For reservation and delivery, you can reach them at 553-7887.
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