Just for Laughs: World's Best Pranks!

11:00 AM
As what others keep on telling that you don't have to be a kid to play practical jokes and do fun pranks to whether friends, family or even to random people. But doing so should be mainly focus on one rule and that is: Make it hilarious not harmful.

I've watched countless of pranks on +YouTube and indeed it has been a fierce battle to who maybe got the most hysterically funny pranks uploaded. Honestly, while doing post, I can't stop from laughing as review each video.

So here are some of my bets that will seriously rolls you with laughter.


It is highly important to consider the feelings of the person you are pulling the prank on. You might ruin something but when you consider any possibilities and you're only goal is to do it for fun then everyone will find your prank as funny as you do. Remember. make it harmless.
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