Video of a HOMESICK OFW became viral!

1:30 PM
If not all, I know some of the OFW who worked abroad are constantly complaining about being homesick. Moreover, one probable rationale would be the family attachment they have while they're in our realm that makes them feel this way. Furthermore, it is no longer just simply the distance. It is the years, and the alternate reality that becomes beyond your reach. But meet Mr. V; a homesick OFW in Abu Dhabi, UAE who created a cover video that gone viral while he's in the state of feeling bored. I believe.

Through the power of internet sharing; facebook, twitter, G+, blogs and whatnot. Vencent Dan Pacino a.k.a. Mr. V, who formerly from Kibawe Bukidnon, and been an OFW for quite long years now made a perfect fun twist while doing an entertaining cover of Queen B greatest hit; Listen. 

At this instant given that the video became viral, it gain thousands of LIKES and SHARES over a single platform. Total number of feedbacks was undeniably growing. Truly with this, I just wish that Mr. V will not just share his talent over the online portal but on the mainstream as well.

Subscribe to his Youtube channel here.
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