Pages Flipper turns 2

9:30 AM
Today marks an alternate spot diving in the realm of blogging as I celebrate it with you my second Blogoversary. I can say that in my 2 years, I took in a great deal from my oversights, yet all the more significantly, I have grown a lot in this kind of industry. The time I began this online entry, it was just me and only me perusing my articles about random stuff; and amazingly, individuals began understanding it as well. In spite of, I can't believe where I am now and however I may not yet be on top, yet sincerely, I have gone recently a mile away. As the maxim goes, "Time flies when you're having a great time" and that unequivocally appears correct when you're doing something stunning for yourself as well as too to the individuals around you.

Only a fast diagram of what I have done throughout my first year. I led giveaways, bundle of products reviews and the like were posted, tips and know-how were informed, and taught everybody concerning shopping aides. At that point I came to be diplomats of distinctive online brands and team up with them for a few undertakings. Fundamentally, my online journal was shrouded in this sort of schedule, notwithstanding, as hitting the edge of the year, this website joined together with a physical association with a bewildering backing in helping our unfortunate brothers in Luzon. It was a distinction for me directly to broaden my help all the way down south.

For the second year, my site looks considerably more formed and the configuration itself looks a touch tasteful now. Simple yet sophisticated I may say. But far beyond this self praising job that I've done alone through the help of Google search. Haha +Pages Flipper again nailed it. Got a lot of invites from different events now, doing a bunch of reviews, mentoring about blogging 101, and even got a chance to be a virtual assistant for website domain installation and a lot more. However, although this is just a very minimal changes, but clearly a good addition to this online portal much more on my personal life. On the other hand, I managed to raised a small amount from the products that my blog sponsors sent to me after selling them all online and to people I know. Proceeds were fully donated to Yolanda survivors via Red Cross. Recently, I turned into a blissful swarming insect for helping others in need.

Now, commending my second year of presence in this inconceivable universe of developing online innovation. I might say that there were a few progressions served in approaching my followers for them to be capable still stay in this page. I'm expanding my sincere appreciation to all my avid readers of my blog for your ceaseless backing. I can say that this second year has been better than the first. I've met extraordinary individuals, made new companions, gained new bookworms, and I've learned a ton. I am fit to do something each day that I adore and I'm ready to impart it to you.

Throughout this online journey, I would like to give credits to whom who've helped me tailored my adventure along the way. The time, assistance, appreciation, consideration, help, support, thoughtfulness and encouragement. To SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers, Google Business Group - GenSan, Little Bodega Secrets (LBS group), Davao Bloggers, Close-Up PH peeps, close friends, my online buddies Brian and Dennis, to my co-blogger Rap Gregorio for sponsoring the poster, my blog sponsors, advertisers and who else? hehe Anyway, I will not mention you all one by one, however I need to thank you wholeheartedly and I owe you a considerable measure. Much thanks to you such a great amount of for this, you have inspired me.

It is elusive the statements to say how humbled I am every day to have such a variety of individuals perusing my web journal, companions who has undying uphold and to every living soul as a rule who motivates me. I get such a variety of warm and kind messages, website remarks every day that spur me to keep up this work and I need you to know the extent to which it intends to me. Much obliged to you from the base of my heart.
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