My GIBI shoes-side story

Some individuals cherishes to gather, some don't. But I'm not that type of shoes collector who spends over P20,000 on a new match of kicks and let people imagine that I am completely lost at the top of the priority list. Reality is, I don't have that enormous measure on my pocket though. In any case, despite the fact that I'm one of the aforementioned individuals who don't get why I became insane for shoes. But nonetheless, this is something that I adored doing. I don't think I'm shoes fixated, I do simply own more than an average guy out there and I find it normal.

I actually own a handful of shoes on my rack. Most of them are from GIBI Shoes. From Sneakers, Loafers, Slip-On, Slippers, Sandals, Dress shoes, Boots, Sports & Outdoor Shoes and whatnot. But not necessarily it all came in one brand. I fundamentally adore Gibi shoes in light of the fact that they can truly pull an outfit together, or make an overall straightforward look all the more fascinating. Among all, boots is top choice. They even call me the boots blogger for wearing boots very nearly constantly in any occasions. My fave boots and dominant part of them hailed from Gibi shoes, however I additionally have great boots from other brands, yet Gibi shoes is just literally a brand that is worth to be collected.

From its tagline "All Season All Occasion Shoes", the phrase itself says it all. I can say that this is the best brand I've at any point worn. Why? Its only on the grounds that they never trade-off style and solace. It has been in the business of giving the world trendy footwear that is dependably best quality for a considerable length of time. Gibi shoes utilizes high grade materials that can keep going an extremely long time. Throughout the years, the shoes they made can make normal individual emerge. It's chic, agreeable, sturdy and dependably in design. You can never go wrong with Gibi shoes. It would be unacceptable not to own a pretty pair of these kicks. Only Gibi shoes has these kind of product combination.

Anyway after the destruction throughout the Storm Yolanda, it got to the meaningful part of giving my entire heart to our brothers in need by aiding in the ways I can. It's truly hard for me to acknowledge the certainty yet it's considerably harder to simply sit and watch the horrendous news throughout the day. In my thought, I haul out all my collections and sell it online and some were purchased by my companions. That was from distinctive brands of shoes and I have not yet use some of them like the limited edition of studs shoes from Gibi. I was torturing myself with detachment restlessness yet far past that feeling is the appreciation and vanity on the grounds that all the proceeds were completely given to Yolanda survivors. I perhaps tribute my first adoration, my shoes collections, yet the return benefit it doled will never taken out from me and the enactment I completed was positively extremely valuable. It feels like winning a lottery.

Presently, I basically don't have a pack of kicks however just a couple of sets to check. Great thing about acknowledging it is that I am not tragic yet rather satisfied. I'll just wish and work harder to get another set of shoes for my new group of kicks collection. Good thing, it is easy to find 38 and 39 sized of shoes. Gibi shoes is on my top record.
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