Pages Flipper turns 2 GIVEAWAY Winners!

I might want to augment my statement of regret for not affirming the winners names on the date of the New Year's eve. I was delegated to be part of the GSC Tourism Council (General Santos City Tourism Council) as Event Manager for recently celebrated annual festival of GenSan, the Paskuhan Sa GenSan 2013. It was to be sure a fun ride of experienced for me. Thank God we effectively nailed the occasion as we authoritatively shut the festival by blasting a New Year countdown party.

I guess, such a great amount of for that. I know that each one of you has been wanting to know the result. So without further ado. The winners are as follows:

Gibi Shoes - 2k worth of GC each
  • Cecille Azucena - Fansign winner via FB
  • Abigail Enaje
  • Brian Macasa
  • Ladymargarete Mendiola
  • Ryan Kenneth Sique

SouthCotabato.Org - Limited edition of I love South Cotabato t-shirt each
  • Dee Ira Fortes
  • Jhoy Supetran
  • Clita Nonato 
  • Jose Daniel Rosario
  • AnnaMarie Pardillo Marigomen

ZeroEight21 - 1 replica watches each
  • Pearliza Paguio - G-Shocks Double Time watch winner
  • Leizle Demaisip - Breitling watch winner - 500 load each
  • Raqisah Alimona
  • Nino Sangalang II
  • Jea Blancaflor
  • June Izabelle Roque
  • Jastene Angelene Galacio
  • Rhea Liza Lirios Muñoz 

Tindahan ni Rohan - Mud polymer embellishments each
  • Helen Gatbonton
  • Leah Aminah

Romwe Fashion - Surprise Price
  • Sarah Dayrit

Lazada Philippines - 1 GC of php300 markdown voucher (Code send via PM)
  • Iris Marie M. Castillo
  • Karl Japeth G. Rosal
  • Rofil Mae M. Rillo
  • Rona Guarte-Bodegas
  • Marjorie Bisagar
  • Leizette Majomot
  • Rachel Mae Gutang Rosal
  • Arwin John Barnuevo
  • Leonardo F. Leyva
  • Evelyn B. Sangalang
  • Henley Tabal
  • Donnie Renz Ibañez
  • Rena Monique Calip
  • Sarah Villacorta
  • Raymond T. Cubeta
  • Paulo Bombarda
  • Wilbert Varquez
  • Jenny Sagabay
  • Ramier Joy Bello
  • Maria Christina Gumatay

Winners please PM +Pages Flipper on Facebook with these details using the same format.
  • Name:
  • Number:
  • Complete Address:
  • Zipcode:
  • Prize: (For t-shirt winners, please include your shirt size)
  • Email: (This is only for 500 load winners. Include the email you register at

Please send us your PM on or before January 10, 2013 at 11:59pm. Failure to comply, I will raffle your prize/s to another winner. To non-winners, don't fret. More giveaways to come!

Thank you and Happy New Year flippers!
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