Movie Review: Geography Club

10:30 AM
I was planning to watch "Geography Club" online for I thought that this movie is just another gay-themed lame film. I can't discover it in this way; I took time to go to the cinema and watched it on big screen instead; and I then substantiated myself that I was wrong.

Geography Club (based on the award-winning novel by Brent Hartinger) is a comedy about teens who are running across their sexual personalities. The high school students create a "Geography Club" which is actually a cover for a LGBT support group. The film explores the teen's hopes, values and dreams while on this voyage of opening up to the world and offering the entire school support. Russell is your average closeted high school teen looking for love. Enter Kevin, the school’s hunkiest football jock. Things get complicated when both Kevin and Russell do things they don't want to in order to hide who they are. Russell seeks advice from the Geography Club, actually a secret GSA filled with a hilarious collection of misfits. As the closet grows harder to maintain, Russell has to decide whether or not to come out—even if it means losing Kevin. Smart, assured, and stylish, with supporting performances by Ana Gasteyer, Alex Newell, Scott Bakula and Nikki Blonsky, the début feature from the Entin twins represents a big (and very hot) step forward in the gay-teen comedy genre.

Watch the full trailer here:

Smiling the entire movie but not the sort of resolution I was anticipating. It could have been a flawless film if the director include few spices on some scenes and most importantly —a moment wherein the main actor will do confrontation about his preference to his parents. Be that as it may both actors are HOT! Still an incredible film to watch however. Reality this is. 

Generally speaking, I find it relatable and enjoyable.

Thus, I'm set to give this film a 3.6 over 5 rating

What this movie wants to convey to us is to be who we are and be out. Be proud! Because what is really important? We're happy and we accept the fact of what God made us to be.
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