Why Singles HATE February?

9:21 PM
It's love month surely for everybody but not for the bitter single out there. While your companions excitedly making huge arrangements for Valentine's day, single friend listen with a poker face as they impart thoughts and ask for advice resisting the need to scream.

February is the most exceedingly terrible month of the year for them I believe. In spite of being the shortest month with twenty-eight days, it would appear to be the longest month since when February is over, it will seem as though it was eighty-two days in length. 

Lets cite down few things that will doubtlessly set to homicide you. Here as takes after: 

The Stuff - When all the store around you are totally geared displaying chocolates, teddy bears and heart molded cards. Sadly, nobody will purchase them for you.  At any rate, you can buy it for your self, however who are you tricking? Pathetic. 

The Media - Radio and Television slots are both love-obsessed every February; playing love songs which couples dedicate to one another. Feature offerings that couples could delight in. They even invite happy couples on their shows who offer stories which just add to your wretchedness. 

The Color - Red is the shade of the month; it's all over. It is worn by every other individual and when you choose to wear black only on the grounds that its your most loved color and we, I don't know how to appreciate that, well, you are looked at with suspicious eyes and that adds to your embarrassment. 

The Message - Your friends and cousins send you Valentine's day "forwards" through text message regardless of the possibility that even if your facial expression clearly says you are not interested. You have no choice. They subscribed to an unlimited text messages offer. Its heart breaking. 

The Sadness - Making arrangements to hang-out with your friends who have dates on the day is a huge oversight. The sight of the aforementioned couples will make you diseased. In what capacity would you be able to invite somebody who is praising an extraordinary day with his/her darling? Insensitive. 

[Photo credit: The Cupid Hunter by Pacha Urbano]


Dear Single, don't bother them. Mind your own business. Its ME time for you and focus on that. Watch any Television slot and you'll see Valentine specials. Along these lines, be primed to have heaps of tissue, plus a huge vessel of chocolate dessert. Stay at home or in any event, don't jump out of a plane.
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