Go SOCIAL with Talk N' Text —Free SOCIAL

6:40 PM
Stay ONLINE on your Social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter for FREE anywhere and everywhere with Talk N' Text —Free SOCIAL.

Talk N' Text tag the latest promo Free SOCIAL, which gives you a full access to Facebook and Twitter anywhere you go. Indeed, with TNT Free Social, you''re truly a "SOCIAL" now.

All you have to do is to register on the said promo. Just key in and send:

FREE <space> SOCIAL to 5555!

You will received a SMS confirming your registration:

"You have successfully registered to Free UNLI SOCIAL package..."

The SMS is followed by your subscription expiration. I just registered on the said promo as well. This promo is valid until February 28, 2014.

Your subscription will last for 24 hours only, however, you can register again on the promo until it ended on the 28th.

This promo is not limited to Facebook and Twitter, but also gives you access on Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Path! So what are you waiting for? Register now and be a TNT SOCIAL!
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