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10:30 AM
Are you searching for a free load or a system on the most legit method to get a free load online with ease — free text to sun cellular, globe, smart, touch mobile cell phones? You've come to the right place. What about getting a load free of charge? Isn't it idealize? At Loadmena.com, this made possible. 

I have been a consistent client of Loadmena.com for a year now. Yes! A consistent client since I no where to go yet just on the site to load my prepaid phones. "Load Me Na" is tag-lish (tagalog-english) for "load me now". Loadmena.com is an incredible way to pay bills, purchase gift certificates and send load to the Philippines for loved ones. As far my experience is concern, Loadmena.com is the speediest online loading venue I've ever tested. 

Anyway, without further ado. Here' how you can benefit the FREE LOAD from Loadmena.com 

Follow the simple steps below: 

If you're in the Philippines 

Simply ask your loved one abroad to register to www.loadmena.com asap. Once registered, please have them follow the steps below. 

If you’re outside the Philippines 

1. Register to www.loadmena.com
2. Create a contact. Input details such as name, cell number, etc.
3. Select contact then select Product to be purchased from Product Type list. If contact has a Globe number, select Globe load. If contact has a Smart number, select Smart load. If contact has a Sun number, select Sun load.
4. Select amount to be purchased from the Amount drop down box:
             * If contact has a Globe number, select P30
             * If contact has a Smart number, select P30
             * If contact has a Sun number, select P30
5. Click on “Apply Promo Code” on the left side of the Amount drop down box. Input promo code: FREE into the Promo code box and watch the dollar price drop to $0.00.
6. No need to select payment type. Just click SEND! Your recipient should receive the load in a few seconds! 


     1. Free load is only applicable to new customers of LoadMeNa.com and is applicable on the first transaction only.

This is 100% legal. You should know this! Enjoy your FREE load!
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