How I juggle my Work, School, Blog and Personal Life?

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We can only live once and the best thing to do is to make the best choice – and afterward settle on the best of that decision.

I have been waiting for this moment to go back to school again after years of finding myself to where I best fit in. The journey wasn't really that easy as I thought it would be. But later did I know how it really is for me. I have been asked a million of times on this, on why I go back to school while working and blogging. How do I keep organized. How do I juggle my blog with school, work and not to mention, my personal life. My response is "I don't have a clue."

But along the process, I realize that I really do, yet in a strange way that probably only works for me.

I have been blogging for very nearly three years now and in any structure, I can say that I am excelling my way up here. Gaining my credibility and name. In this way, it is crucial for me to just simply surrender this and hanged up the individuals who have faith in me. I have advertisers, and blog readers who need this online journal to stay up with the latest. At that point, I chose to continue hanging on.

On the other hand, working full time is not that simple too. I need to work from 8pm to 5am, with an hour of break in the middle of. My set of responsibilities is not like simply doing a normal showcasing; however taking care of the worldwide advertising and media advancement of a company is a tremendous obligation. This emptied my cerebrum day by day. hehe

The past two months, schooling seriously put me on shaky grounds with very hectic and loaded subjects from 7am up until 1:30 in the afternoon, and yes! “Sleep” is a non-existing word for me yet.  In this way, after school, its either I need to do a few errands or backpedal home lastly to score some nap. Oppss! Did I say "nap"? haha Just gets some rest and need to be up by 7am to get ready for work once more. Time management may sound cliché, but that's the thing why I'm still here.

Throughout weekends, I do completing touches on my workloads, and in the event that you may think I have heaps of time to blog, yet I don't. I have scarcely discovered time for it whatsoever.

I organized events with a team, which gives me reasons to give up my resting hours. Unfortunately, I often up for three days the longest without resting. Oh don't you worry. I'm not killing myself. Yet. hehe

That's why I said the way I juggle running a blog with school, work and other things probably only works for me. Only me, I believe.

coz he is just darn good looking to motivates me.

I have a super early class of 7:30am, yet I need to get ready as promptly as 5:30am. My school life will end every 1:30pm, so I need to hurry back home by 2pm to snatch some rest. Up at around 7pm to prepare for work by 8pm, break will be at precisely 12midnight to 1am; and once again to work by 1am to 5am. That is my life each weekday and on weekends, my work will end 5am, Saturday morning, and then rest directly after. I must be up by 12noon and do a few errands from 1pm to 5pm. Backtrack home by 6pm to 12midnight to clean my work for my boss. At that point, rest for an early Sunday mass by 8am. Be over by 12noon and do school works like assignments, reporting and stuff the like. That's it. That is essentially what I do. My schedule.

Of course, I do have blogging breaks, but what I did is I scheduled my posts or just wrote them and published them straight away. I often scheduled post, and when I find it hard to get organized with my blog posts or I think that it is hard to post customarily, the unparalleled tip I have is making a "bank" of written posts. Aside from that, I have prewritten posts too, and leave the rest in drafts, and afterward, when I understand I'm out of scheduled posts, I can simply go into my drafts and calendar a couple more prewritten posts. It's simpler said than done, yet it’s so worth the trouble, and I feel better. You have to try this. Trust me.

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To sum it up, well, you can probably see loads of flaws on how I balance everything, but this way has always worked perfectly for me. I just thought it would be interesting to share how I personally do it. Perusing this post back, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt how I fit all that in, and it likewise makes me sound as I don't have a social life. I do, honestly! Sometimes.
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