Facebook Spams: Identify and DELETE!

Facebook Spam is an unwanted spam content appearing on Facebook with user-generated content. It generally appears with a very striking title accompanied with fascinating visuals that will surely capture the interest of the users.

These fake posts and videos that effortlessly go viral were created by so called cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are continually sending out different Facebook video spams that will just lead you to a must to-do tasks like surveys and whatnot, and with that, please do not complete the surveys, share or "like" a website in order to just view a video.

Cybercriminals or in layman's term, scammers, are the individuals behind this scam that will change the website names and images, so watch out for similar scams with different website names and images because sharing this web page will only help spread this scam to other Facebook users. And, completing the surveys will only generate revenue for the cybercriminals behind this scam.

I hope this post will help and guide you in identifying what are spam posts for you to be able to avoid them and seeing them again on your newsfeed. Well. Spam posts are very easy to determine by just a glimpse, but because of its impactful snippet, users’ curiosities spring up and eventually may lead to clicking the bait.

Again, going into this kind of deception will just generate revenue for the benefit of the scammers. The victim on the other hand, will not be able to view the video or the news that they were promised, because it doesn't exist. At the end of the day, users will be up hanging for nothing.

If you have shared this scam, remove the share Facebook post from your Timeline or Wall, because this will help stop the spreading of this spam. Or if you see people doing so, just simply Hide the post; if you see a Remove button, then hit it!

Titles of some spam posts are as follows:
  • This woman has an orgasm on a Roller Coaster
  • Aliens Growing on Woman's Breast
  • Hungry Bear Tears Woman to Pieces
  • Giant Snake Eats Man Alive

If you are asked to share, "like”, complete surveys in order to view a video, picture or other content, it is then the first sign that you are being tricked or scammed. You do not need to do any of these things in order to view any content on Facebook and the rest of the internet. As easy as that.

Stay safe and don't get fooled!

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