DIARY: No More Lonely Nights

8:09 PM
Juggling three masters at a time is really not that easy. It requires patience, perseverance and dedication. The values I put in place to my work, school and blogging mandated me to religiously stay in focus despite circumstances. With the focus I invested, I somehow tend to left out the happening in our house. Figuratively, not giving the attention to it evolved into a creepy mystery story.

This would be my first DIARY entry on my blog. A horror-mystery experienced while I am home alone.


The only noise I hear as I was clacking away on my laptop’s keyboard while working. It was past midnight then and the clock’s hands were about to hit 3am. I was home alone when my parents and siblings were out to my mother’s side grand reunion. It was just another lonely night, but not for me, for I really don’t consider one since I was too busy to notice my lonesome.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Puzzled as I heard the noise from our door in the wee hours of the night.

Knock. Knock.

A loud clamor that suddenly draped the house in silence after hearing it.


The door made an abruptly awful din.

I felt so uneasy about what in earth was happening. I rushed my way downstairs. Panting. Then suddenly shouted, “kinsa na?” (A bisaya translation of “Who’s that?”). But no one answered me. So I gradually paced towards the entryway, anxious and my hands were shaking that I did not understand. My psyche was totally void.  As I opened the door, I see no one but a complete darkness, our door wind chimes ring as the cold wind blew, yet from afar, there’s a bright, beautiful moon hovering in the night sky – a sight to behold.

That was too lovely. Nonetheless, I went upstairs and back to work. 

I was clacking again on my laptop’s keyboard when I heard undesirable growls without warning from downstairs. I sharply stood up and stared at my room’s door. I was suddenly startled and frightened when two kids ran fast behind my door with laughter. A cry of fear and lone tyke from my parents’ bedroom; the gradual pulling of chair from the kitchen table; and the unexpected opening of our TV in the living room, shivers me.

With the excessive fear I had and the thought that I had no one to run to, I fixed my stuff and forced myself to sleep. I can’t. I simply cannot. What I did was I just close myself forcibly trying to relax, but I could not, I heard a lot of things and it seems someone was calling my name, “Gem, Gem”, he whispered. 

I stopped and decided to wake up, but upon opening my eyes, slowly, it seems that a silhouette of a man was standing next to my bed watching me, so I thought to me, “it’s just a dream, just a dream”.

I got up and turn on the switch on my room’s light, it wouldn’t turn on. Then I went out and headed to the living room to check the main switch, but a pale woman was standing next to it. I can’t move to where I am standing. The woman I saw was floating towards me. She looked untidy, ash uncombed hair, furious red eyes and long fingernails. She dragged me to the kitchen and scratched my face to death.

Then my mom actually woke me up. They’re finally back home. It was all just a dream and really my first time to have such kind of dream. I told her the whole story, but another horrifying story told.

There was a euphoric family who existed in our home before being slaughtered and not given justice, yet whatever their story, that is the thing we don't have the foggiest idea.

So every time I got myself astir amidst the night and hear unusual things, I know it’s not me alone but them as well. I can say now that there will be no more alone nights when am at home.

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