Top 5 WeChat Features You Don’t Know About

With the growth of applications on mobile technology, people are often mistaken that all of them are just the same especially here in the Philippines. Video Calls; Stickers; Free SMS; and whatnot. Well, you got it wrong. As one of the leading mobile social communication app, there are many features of WeChat that many might not know. 

Here are my Top 5 WeChat features that I am pretty sure you would also like.

Strangers No More

By using “People Nearby”, you will get a chance to meet your next BFF or even your boyfriend to be. It has Tinder like features where it allows you to talk to people who are near your area. Who knows? Your prince charming might be a 100m away from you! Make advantage in using this feature and socialize with others.

Fun Stickers

All the other chat apps use stickers that are static. With WeChat, they’re moving! Not just that, you can upload your own GIF, upload it on WeChat and have your own set of stickers. You can even make yourself a sticker of your own face and turn them into moving stickers. How cool is that!?

Be a Spy

With WeChat “Join Private Group” function, you can act like James Bond and tell your friend to just join the chat using your 4 digit password before they can get hold of your top secret. Without this password, you can’t join this private Group and they won’t know what the juicy secret they’ve wanted to hear is.

Web Counterpart

Just log in to, scan the QR code and you can now use the WeChat app in the comfort of your desktop. What’s more? You can even attach big files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (Disclaimer: I painted them yellow for their privacy)

Free Stuff

Last month, they launched their free load promo where WeChat was giving away Php15 load to random WeChat PH users. This October, they gave away a total of 1,500 Cinema tickets worth Php200 each.  Ha! Talk about too many freebies! Not to mention, the recent giveaway is iPhone 6!

So, if you are a WeChat user yourself, I bet you should learn also about these and maximize the use of your WeChat application.

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