Men Ask: What’s The Difference between Hair Clay, Gel and Wax?

Remember the old days wherein boy bands hair were just long, wavy and two-sided? lol. 90’s look will forever be on the minds of those who witnessed it. Ever wonder what hair product they had applied? Don’t ask me, I don’t know too. Well whatever that is leave it there and never dig it up again. The evolution of men’s hairstyle is far different from the “back street back... alright” sensation. And with different Lamido Fashion hair products to complement each and every hairstyle there is, you really have to know them, and all their uses.

But first ask yourself what your hair is like—thick and curly, curly waves, thin and straight, or just thick. Then think of what you prefer best—hair clay, gel or hair wax? You need to analyze these fundamentals in order to have that suave look. And hey, studies have shown that women consider these factors before dating.

Hair Clay
Hair clays tend to be oily, matte and harder to apply as well and to wash out. It’s heavier among other hair products, and hair might become flat more easily. These are perfect for guys with rougher hair texture, mostly for those who have thick hair. It’s good for those hairs that might stick up awkwardly. It’s not Halloween yet, so... don’t scare people with your horns.

P.S: These products are not for your shiny intentions.

Hair Gel
These products have a heavy feel on the hair when applied. They cause that wet look style, shines, and dries very hard. Perfect for those who want to achieve a smart, sleek look, or a back comb. But this is really a bad choice for guys who have a fine, thin and straight hair, because it tends to pile up your hair on a thick bunches when it dries, I mean, it almost show your skull out, really a bad choice. But they last longer out of the three products though.

Hair Wax
There are two types of hair wax:
Soft wax is used to control frizziness and improve the texture of your hair. Mostly these products are like creams, and are a match for that loose, curly hair to maintain bounce and good for lightweight styling with minimal hold, in short—for a better natural look. 

If there is soft then there is HARD. Hard wax is the most versatile of them all. It is suited for all hair types, including the thin hair. Basically it has a stronger hold compared to the soft wax but lesser hold than that of a gel or a hair spray. It can also provide shine and is easier to wash out compared to hair gel or clay.

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