Healthy Switch: Jogging and Grooving

Stress and apprehension are hard to handle if you’re doing the same thing over and over and if they’re becoming a constant part of your life. Well, every person feels restless, may be some of the time, especially when stressful things are happening. Nonetheless, how would you really going to handle these if that’s how your life really works. This kind of issue is ubiquitously and I’ve noticed a change to myself from being a laid back to becoming easily stressed and flustered. I find it now extremely difficult to handle when something planned doesn’t worked out. It makes me angry and my only wish is that I hope I could calm myself down more. I don’t want to become easily frustrated even on simple things. Or I might just putting too much pressures on my self? Nevertheless, whatever it is, I have found a good solution, exercise.

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Physical exercise is good to your health, that I’m pretty sure we wont gonna argue. But do you even know that apart from acquiring physical benefits, it also boosts your mood and improve your sex life? Yes, now you know. And the benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. So, I choose to go jogging and attending Zumba sessions to at least heed the call of my health issues, physical desires and some psychological needs.

I’m on my second week already of continuous night jogging whether doing it solo or with few colleagues. I am giving myself no less than an hour or 2 of constant running and quick strolling. The reason of choosing to do it during sun down is that to make sure I've taken care of whatever obligations I have that day, so I can empty my mind. Although the number of calories I burn has no effect on whether running in the morning or at night. I just have a strong commitment to lower my weight, have at least a good body shape and a better health condition. Plus, I am getting a certain emotional lift which leaves me feeling happier and more relaxed after the run.

During the day, I have an undeniable energy to do all my daily chores which makes me more effective on my workplace. I don’t get easily tired because exercising helps my cardiovascular system work more efficiently. During bed time, I am not getting any battles going to rest, truth be told, it deepen my sleep.

When it comes to my diet, I lessen the amount of rice I take every meal. No soda and more water. I get regular 8 hour sleep daily. Taking at least 2 fruits a day like banana, mango or apple, whichever is available. If I get the chance to go out, I make sure to buy vegetables salad to get more antioxidants and other nutrients.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I am spending an hour of Zumba session. It is a fantastic workout grows in popularity every single day and it’s one of most fun yet effective workout routines out there. 

My very first Zumba ever. Had the chance to join a 2 hours and 30 minutes non-stop Zumba marathon.

By a long shot, I am seeing great indications of improvements.


Regular exercise will not just improve you physically but also makes you feel better about your appearance and gives you an up to increase self esteem. Apart from getting benefits on health, physical and feeling better, it’s a fun activity to do. It’s also a good way to distance your self from tech life and appreciate this present reality.

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