SunCity's Neon Rain: Outfit Guide for First Time Ravers!

9:00 AM
Are you ready to get wild and have fun with heavy techno beats and hundreds of party people? In less than a month, GenSan is set to paint the town as SunCity Suites organize the most anticipated rave party dubbed as Neon Rain. So make yourself ready for another exciting experience.

Rave Party is without a doubt another feel-great party that each general would most likely need to be part with. Since the event is quick drawing closer, have you checked your wardrobe already to see if you have the right stuff to wear? If not, then I can get you rave–ready in no time. Despite the fact that rave party is a free for all and you can truly wear anything you need, however as I observed, I don’t want you to look weird and awkward like others with crazy outfits.

Before digging in on what to wear, you have first to consider the weather and the venue simply because it’s not appropriate really to wear fur boots and thick leather jacket when in GenSan. Seriously. Hence, make sure that you’re not going to murder yourself by other party goers’ odd look. Hence, dress likewise so you will stay comfortable, which is the most vital thing.

As for what you should wear that is really up to you. But remember, you will be partying in GenSan and this is a paint party. So it shouldn't be anything too nice but not look like crap. So here’s my quick guide that you might consider jotting down.

Trend: Wear something bright, vibrant, cute and colorful. Plain and simple are good options too since you’ll get neon paints thrown on you. 

Female: A less detailed crop top or a white tank top, a loose boyfriend shirt is also a good choice paired with white skinny denim short or soffe short. For the shoes, just settle on cheaper trainers if you don’t want your branded kicks splashed with paints. Take note that you'll be dancing most of the night, so no heels! Wearing a bandana headband is a good addition. Wear some neon hues wristbands, rave glasses and some glow in the dark accessories to spice up your outfit

Male: Guy's always have it easy. White or less detailed shirt is good to go paired with any light shorts. For men who have EL flashing shirt like me, you can wear that one because it’s definitely a head turner. Grab some cheaper sneakers; add some LED shoelaces to give them a light-show boost. Most men are into wearing shutter shades, so don’t forget to own one.

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A little reminder:

Keep all your stuff like phone, keys, wallet and etcetera tucked in a zippered or fastened pocket. This can be a bummer if you lose something before the night overwhelms you. Double check your outfit before you say that you’re good to go.


Be innovative. Try not to wear your most loved stuff. Leave the heels at home. Move! EDM is probably the easiest music to feel the beat and catch the rhythm. Therefore wear something that you are comfortable with because no one will judge you. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the party because its time to YOLO, don’t waste it!

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