DIARY: Coping With Working Away From Home

12:18 PM
Whether a choice or not, working far from home is a big challenge. It takes a lot of commitment dealing with pressure, self management, culture shock probably and most importantly home sickness. There may be a lot of ways to ease the transition of living to a whole new environment but it takes a number of days to cope up.  This regardless of a proper relocation or just spending a lot of your time away from home, but leaving your loved ones is a serious undertaking.

I just wish I am only taking this as a paid vacation that instead of just working, I am getting a good spending time relaxing. But it seems the other way around, which I usually end up spending a lot more time in this city and having to adapt to Davao’s customs, to some extent. 

Living to a place away from home is a test, I know that Davao is not that far from GenSan, but come to think of it, GenSan life is quite far behind and as a newcomer, the struggle to adjust to everything from Davao’s metro-life’s culture, mannerism, transportation and all is real.

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But being here in Davao for 3 months now helps me appreciate what I've left behind. Despite of embracing the new life here, it opens me the value of family and the people who care about me back home. Three months and counting is a good opportunity for me also to meet like-minded people in similar situations and make valuable friends. Enjoying the nightlife and other local community hangouts.

My workmates, Vodafone's TP2 Wave 2. Teleperformance, Davao City.

This good life transition of working away from home doesn't have to mean losing contact. By working hard during the week and making sure my weekends and days off are free of any work commitments, I'll have more time to spend travelling back to see my family or otherwise conversing with them.

Good thing, I got a good job that offers flexible hours to help me make the most of my free time and avoid having to make grueling night-time journeys to get back to the office first thing on Monday morning.

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