DIARY: One Startling Year in Davao

5:02 PM
It all started as a quick trip way back exactly a year ago now. And it's still so fresh to reminisce all the things from the time I first landed my shoes here in Davao City. I never thought that it would going to be a good start of something new; there were no other plans but just to go places and explore the metro. But look what I have become – a better version of me.

It all started with a two-hour recruitment process. A two-hour tripping because applying wasn't really my intention in the first place. But with luck and or destiny perhaps – things change all of a sudden. And after 3 days, I'm on board for my first day at work. That was fast, I know.

Since I'm new to Davao, I know no place. It's so stressful to look for a new flat and to acquaint with road routes; so I always end up riding a cab daily which I find really expensive than just riding a jeep that cost me P8.00 only.

Who said it was easy? Not at all.

After a year, my decision of relocating to a different city and getting a new job is a great challenge of facing the new chapter of life – independency. With so many thrills in conquering daily challenges, factors affecting social responsibility, family duty and every day wander. Going solo is a heavy weight to shoulder especially when it’s going to be your first after 25 years of being with your family. But there are really good elements that I happily realized as an independent person; being physically, emotionally and financially independent.

My amazing team!

Now, I'm a proud Call Center Employee! Embracing the BPO industry becomes my strong companion throughout this journey and I feel so blessed to have such a dynamic working environment. Being a call center agent helps me to become the very best I can become. Imagine I converse well in English now (less in writing though. Haha) even if I did not take English major way back in college. I can easily read bills even if I don't have any accounting background. I troubleshoot and fix issues even if I am not computer savvy person. Well, I just inform them to reboot the modem though and run an antivirus; after which, they suddenly praise me like God because it works. Lol! But more than that…

I am shock-absorber. I take on set supervisor calls especially when they're irate and aggressive. I can pacify aggravated callers even if I'm not a psychology graduate. I learn to say sorry even if it's not my fault. I help people who don't even mean to me. And I still put a genuine smile even though the callers can't see us and even if I'm hurting inside. You know what, it's hard. It often gives me a thought of giving up but I am not a loser and so quitting will never be an option. That's why I'm a proud call center agent because despite the job requires us to become a machine that can multitask, it mandates us to be human inside as well. So if you know someone working in a call center, tap their back because it's never easy as what people think it is.

After a year, I'm now working as a Subject Matter Expert and taking every possibilities of grabbing new opportunities. I don't settle for less because I know now my worth.

Anniversary dinner with my wavemates at Vikings, SM Lanang Premier 

It’s indeed a one fantabulous year for me.

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