Café Mi Corazon: Cooked with Love. Served by Heart.

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Scrolling up and down my Instagram feed while I’m procrastinating on something which requires urgency. Then here you go, another food porn story showing up and I can’t help myself but book a reservation for next day’s food tripping. Who can say NO to food? Nobody. Haha Anyway, I stumble upon this cute feed where the shop is located just nearby from the house along Ponciano Street in the alley of Doña Segunda. The café seems promising because of their bestselling Cookie Shots as per their page, that’s why I hop right away the next day.

Café Mi Corazon is one of the cutest café I’ve been to; and it’s one of the smallest as well when it comes to space with a max of 12 heads only. The shop’s facade is stodgy and less appealing yet the interior inside was simply captivating; wall arts and painting were handmade by the alumni of UM – Fine Arts. But in spite of the space and place, at Café Mi Corazon, you will never go wrong. Café Mi Corazon menu has a few options, so choosing what to try will never be a problem, but if you’re going to ask me – here’s what I can highly recommend:

First up is their blockbusting Corazon's Signature Cookie Shots. The wife’s owner herself baked the cookies formed into cups inlaid with chocolates inside so when pouring milk, it won’t soften the delectable cookies. Then go pour that fresh milk in it and have a sip. When you run out of Milk, you can order another shot or eat the whole cookie cup. Although the milk is bland in flavor, but the cookie itself is satisfyingly good. Cookie Shots is worth 50php only.

Just like the Cookie Shots, they do have another offering of the same menu but instead of milk, it has Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup – it's the Cookie Ice Cream Cup, which cost you 55php only, yet I tried pouring some milk into it which turned into a perfect mouth-watering combination – you just have to add 10php for another shot of milk.

Rice Toppings were surprisingly good. I never thought that their meals were like something I wanted to look forward to eating again. They may look like typical rice toppings, but their tastes were completely different, the gravy is set to astonish your taste buds. Although I have tried some, but I greatly commend their Pork Cutlets with Gravy which is costing me for 55php per meal. Imagine how cheap the price is but giving you a taste of heaven.

Adding to what I ordered is the Matcha Moringa. It doesn’t appear to be exceptional, but still worth the try though, just make sure that it’s still cold when you drink it. This is also my first time to try a Matcha Moringa juice since most of the time I prefer it served as frappe. But who am I to complain if ordering a Matcha Moringa juice would cost me for an additional of 15php only? That’s already a good deal peeps and it’s not bad after all.

Café Mi Corazon is specifically at Doña Segunda – Building 1 Stall 16, Ponciano Street, Davao City. Right straight from the small alley fronting the only Seven Eleven convenience store in the area. You can phone them for inquiry and reservation at 09152580443. Overall, I’m so happy with the experience, yet for now I’m giving them 3.8/5 rating. Looking forward to try all what’s on the menu.

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