Be More Productive with CD-R King Bluetooth Headset

2:13 PM
Funny thing is that while I am actually cooking my breakfast earlier, I got a call from a friend and it was a real struggle for me to be holding the phone on one hand while doing my thing with the other. I decided to get my headset thinking that this would help me at some point in taking the call while cooking. Conversely, this only created another dilemma as I had to deal with the headset’s long cord while keeping it away from the stove and getting mixed up with the ingredients. And that is making everything inefficient and all jumbled up. So I realized then that I should have my own wireless headset or a Bluetooth headset to enable me to multitask especially in situations like this.

So out I went right after  my breakfast to hunt for a Bluetooth headset that I can use to minimize my stress level. I find it very advantageous as a Bluetooth headset would free my hands, allowing me to be more efficient and safe while doing other stuff. And while I traipsed around the mall, I stumbled upon this one–stop media provider, CD-R King, which aims to bring more affordable Bluetooth headsets with a lot of options to choose from.

I love how useful a Bluetooth headset is as you no longer need to ransom an arm every time you use your phone and hold it close to your head for the duration of the call. With a Bluetooth headset, you can multitask more effectively with the feeling of having the person you're talking to just standing next to you.

With prices for as low as Php280, this is certainly a great gift idea this yuletide season across all genres and market segments as anybody can put this gadget to good use and can complement whatever activity they they indulge in.

So if you want to stay reachable,  get a Bluetooth headset that will free your hands to multitask while you're on a call, this will definitely increase productivity while you work.

Visit any of the CD-R King branches near you to check on their wide range of Bluetooth headsets and other tech gadgets that suit your lifestyle. Follow them on FB: for more updates and promos.

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