DIARY: A Day at EDEN Nature Park with Suzy

2:41 PM
It was one beautiful Sunday morning when my friend, Suzy and I decided to have breakfast together at the nearest fast food chain from my flat. Actually, apart from really getting something to eat for breakfast, we went there to catch their Pokémon series toys when you order any of their kiddy meals. Haha Pokémon is life, you know.

Anyway, while we were enjoying our hearty poke breakfast, out of nowhere without really preparing, we decided to head over to Eden Nature Park. It’s an almost an hour away from where we were. This unplanned day tour is effin awesome. Like you're just having breakfast with a friend, then you two decided to go somewhere with no hesitation.

This time we opted to go Eden Nature Park. Because we're damn crazy, instead of availing the Shuttle Tour package to make our life easier, we decided to trek the whole park. Like seriously? Yes! Haha Here's our journey:

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