Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining

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I know not everyone feels the same way, but I really love jap food. I have been to a lot of Japanese restaurants here in Davao and they’re all amazing. So recently, I hopped onto a new Jap resto that I discovered online knowing that they’re just a few blocks away from the office, Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining.

Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining has a nondescript setting with only one side of the wall painted with a pastel layout sakura, a lady and a kitsune.  Not to mention even the facade is just plain simple. Kitsune means Fox in English and that explains how their logo is designed. Although the resto is just small,  it is actually big enough to cater 15 to 20 heads at any time and still enjoy a scrumptious dining experience.

The Tonkotsu Ramen is my star dish at Kitsune.  Their Tantamen and Miso Ramen are both to die for as well. However, the restaurant is  more than ramen, as there’s a lot of choices in their menu with  relatively reasonable prices. Dishes include a seasonal Gyoza, mouth-watering Yakitori, lip-smacking Maki and a whole caboodle of Japanese food. Here’s what I had during my visit:

From its best tasting Negima, Tebasaki and Uzura Bacon to the bestselling Tsukune, Aspara Bacon and Butabara. Kitsune’s Yakitori is one of the best skewers I have had in the metro. Although not on my top list, I can attest that they are really good.

When in Kitsune, make sure you order any if not all of their Maki rolls as they’re all a must-try. I had a bite of the Volcano Maki, Aburi Maki and Crunchy Salmon Maki – and the experience was truly a taste of heaven. Each roll is flavorful and its ingredients were perfectly combined without one single taste overpowering the rest.

So here are the other dishes I ordered during my visit to Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining:

Highly recommend are the Tonkotsu Ramen, Ebi Tempura, and Crunchy Salmon Maki.

Excellent and efficient staff with a comprehensive menu, Kitsune is definitely a place worth returning to  again and again.  So what are you waiting for? Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining is situated at Unit 2/3 26 Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, truly a must-try, go-to Japanese restaurant in Davao City.

Listed dishes above are just few of the many, see more of my Kitsune: Japanese Casual Dining food trip stories on my Food page: Kiss Your Cravings or alternatively, follow me on Instagram: @KissYourCravings.

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