Let It Out: Shirt Tucking No More

2:38 AM
As the world becomes global and the geographical lines become blurrier, fashion gets more experimental and with it an amalgamation of trends worldwide. Some new, some revamped, and some that make its way back to the present.

There seems to be a lot of buzz on one such anomaly, The ‘Un-tucked Shirt’. Remember the constant reiteration from your mom, then your teacher, and then your girlfriend to tuck in your shirt, for the mere fact, that it was considered a sloppy ensemble.

Well, not anymore. Un-tucked Shirts are indeed a trending style that seems to have become a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. Although, a trend, only and if only worn right.

So, like everything else wearing an un-tucked custom shirt must also follow the given norms of fashion.

Step I - Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What kind of shirt are you wearing? The length and shape tell you all. Short even hem and rounded at the bottom means tucked out, long tails with uneven hems means tucked in.

2. Formal, Semi-Formal, or Casual? Dress shirts to a black-tie event or a gala, job interview or meeting your girlfriend’s parents, we suggest keeping it tucked in. Hawaiian, floral, tee-shirts, Friday-dressing-at-work, linens, beach party, boys night out, tucked out.

Step II-The unspoken given rules to follow:

3. The Fit & Style: Don’t wear long shirts such that it looks like you are in a maxi! Wear a shirt that just makes it to your hips but not covering it. Keep it slim-fitted but not too tight and button it up all the way.

4. Unbuttoned Shirts: In case you want to unbutton it, well that works too; you might need to wear a tee inside. Short-sleeved, checks and plaids look good for the look teamed with denims or khakis.

5. Accessorize: Pair it up with slim-fitted jeans and loafers or a sports jacket/blazer.

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