Tips to Strengthen Your Online Shopping Security and Argomall on Maintaining Online Data Privacy and Security

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Online shopping has been the most convenient way of purchasing stuff from appliances, fashion, and even on electronics. Not only that it saves lots of time for the buyer, this medium has become much popular because it also helps the online shopper to know the experiences of others through reviews before purchasing the product.

Especially this holiday season, the number of people who prefer to shop online grows massively. Which is why it is vital to make sure it's safe. Because the convenience you’re getting comes with a great responsibility of securing your personal information and to avoid being scammed.

According to the people I know who constantly shop online, gadgets and electronics has been the most bought items online; and with its great value and worth, scammers are using them to scam others, especially to first time online shoppers who are vulnerable with how online shopping works and to others who’s looking for cheap devices deals.

So here are some advice you can consider on how to secure yourself when shopping online:

Apps and Websites

When looking for a legit and trusted apps or websites to shop, there are a lot of things to consider and make sure you have to pay attention even to small details. Do not just search online the item you want to buy and purchase it right away – you’re giving the scammers and hackers the potential to steal your personal information and credit card details.

For smartphone users, trusted sources are Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (Apple). But that doesn’t mean that all apps from these respected sources are all legit, so you need to be extra cautious still. You still need to be careful with the apps you download by reading the user review and verify if the developer of the app is 100% trusted.

For online shops that you can only open using a browser, make sure that the website URL is secured. You can easily spot them by looking at the protocol identifier in the exact form of https://.

In the Philippines, famous most trusted apps are: Lazada, Zalora, Kimstore, and Shoppe.

Privacy Policy

All online shopping apps and websites do collect personal information about the shopper for account details and shipping purposes. This default process has taken over that most people don’t mind of checking. This is very alarming because you will never know that they might share it. So it really pays to read because if you don’t agree with something, then don’t shop there.

It may sound simple, but this is very crucial especially if you get a payment card out and you will encode the information. You are not only sharing your personal information, but your credit card details as well.

Setting a Strong Password

Setting a strong password is very important as it gives you at ease of securing your personal information to everyone. But there are a lot of people still consider creating a very simple combination to make it easier to remember which is quite disturbing as it leaves them vulnerable to having their account hacked.

Of course, you won’t allow anyone to have access to your account. So when creating your own security system like password, it is vital to create something unique with a good combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Then add a two-way security by adding another layer of verification using your mobile number to send security codes to your mobile; through this you can monitor the logins on your account.

In this regard, the gadget-centric online selling platform Argomall strengthens data privacy and security awareness in Davao during its campaign for cyber-security as part of its third year celebration in partnership with the Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (AIESEC) in Ateneo de Davao. Giving the Davaoeños a broader understanding, knowledge about data privacy and security.

As an e-commerce enabler of trust and authenticity, Argomall takes high regard in assuring consumers that their personal data is secured in compliance with local laws as well as international rules on data protection. Now that digitization is on the rise, along with shopping convenience, one of the major areas of concern regarding e-commerce is data security. Here in the Philippines, the main basis of regulation for cyber-security is the Republic Act of 10173 of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Catering to thousands of customers with their nationwide coverage, Argomall follows strictly all the best practices for security of their website, making sure that customers’ sensitive information like complete name and addresses, bank account numbers and account passwords are safe from being breached.

Argomall also follows security measures for maintaining online presence and utilizes a secure connection for all website traffic.

The said event saw informational talks, including one about “How to Market Yourself Online while Maintaining Data Privacy and Security,” lead by Karel Holub, Argomall’s Chief Argonaut.

Data privacy and security is a serious concern anywhere in the world. This is what e-commerce companies and consumers in the Philippines should understand and be more aware of,” Holub said.

Aside from quality products and customer service, we at Argomall prioritize the consumers’ data security. We’d like to let our customers know that they do not need to worry about their personal data because with Argomall, their information is in good hands. All they have to do is wait for their packages without the usual stress and uncertainties,” he added.

Promoting consumer convenience, Argomall also recently expanded its Home Credit online installment coverage to Cebu and Davao. With this, Argomall users in the said key cities will have easier access to new gadgets and accessories offered by Argomall.

Argomall also takes pride in selling gadgets and electronic accessories that are sealed, brand new, and authentic.

Established by its innovative founders in November of 2015, was born out of a creative dream by Filipino-owned conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group, to deliver quick, efficient and simple solutions to the discerning Filipino tech shopper.

For more details of Argomall, you may visit the official website, or visit them on Facebook at

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