Xocolate by FEDCO: 100% Unsweetened

2:36 AM
I am not a fan of coffee until I enter the BPO industry for almost 4 years now and the total amount days spent in the company is the same total amount of coffee sipped. Hence, coffee has been part of my system every single day and unlike anyone who gets high and energized because of the caffeine content, it does otherwise to me, it caused drowsiness.

Recently, a friend introduced me the unsweetened chocolates of FEDCO called Xocolate. So I tried the tablea product and made a cup of chocolate drink from it. As we all know, a good cup of hot chocolate is a perfect comfort food, and for once, we can enjoy it guilt-free most especially if you paired with Pinoy classic kakanin like Turon, Suman, or Biko to name some.

Unlike the other chocolate drink that we can easily get from coffee shops, this tablea xocolate by FEDCO has a strong texture because it is 100% unsweetened which needed some addition of either honey or milk to transform it to a thicker, creamier hot chocolate the delicious way. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy its bold, unpretentious flavor, just add some hot water and relish every sip of it.

Aside from the chocolate tablea, Xocolate by FEDCO offers chocolates in different variants like the 60% Dark Chocolates with Banana Flakes for P114.00 and the 70% Dark Chocolates for P114.00 only. Whilst the aforementioned Xocolate Tablea is P125.00 for 180g and P575.00 only for 1kg.

Xocolate by FEDCO is available at:
  • Cacao City (Near Pasalubong Center)
  • Echostore Davao
  • Luna Lifestyle Cafe
  • Fedco Office

Since I don’t put too much sweetness in my drink because I am monitoring my sugar level in my body, this becomes a perfect item for me. My guilt-free way to avoid sugar, but cure my chocolate cravings.

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