Her Name is Peachy!

5:20 PM
It was one fine afternoon and I’m drunk alone inside my flat after I finished three bottles of soju. I was just scrolling on my Facebook feed and spotted a “for sale” puppy for which I purchased instantly without even thinking if I’m actually doing the right thing.

After I got sober the next day, I realized that the initial payment has been transferred already. I can no longer change my decision as I don’t want to leave a bad impression to the breeder as well as leaving a poor puppy behind.

I owned up to it and waited for 2 months until she completed all the needed vaccines. While waiting for her, I purchased all the necessary stuff since it’s gonna be my first time owning a pet here in my small flat in Davao.

In fact, my landlord only found it out after 2 weeks of keeping my fur baby inside. I thought she would gonna be mad, but she likes her apparently.

I named her Peachy.

She’s a mixed ShihPoo and Japanese Spitz.

Since I work from home, we literally spent the time together. As I got more attached to Peachy, I started to worry about her. I would start feeling very anxious if she ever remained out of my sight for long. I got her plenty of toys to play and I take her to the vet and pet shop for her checkups and grooming.

When I think about the time we spent together, I realized that she’s mine and I told her things. I even introduced her to my friends and family.

As someone who has experienced constant emotional breakdown due to many random reasons, I can testify that Peachy is not just a pet — she has an incredible way of comforting me.

Last year was a tough one for me after losing someone I dearly love. She probably felt it too. During those bleakest moments, Peachy has given me focus. When my day fills with pain, she suddenly rolls herself over me and licks me endlessly. This is something she don’t normally do when I’m in my right element. Despite her size, I feel safe being watched when I’m asleep and every time I wake up in the morning.

In the five months that she’s been with me, Peachy has given me more joy than I thought she could. Amid the random energy at 2:00 am, the endless biting on my hands, pulling my blankets off the bed while am sleeping, I feel different and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

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