Davao Coffee Shops to Visit this 2022 – Part 1

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Davao is well-known as the Durian Capital of the Philippines and as a popular tourist destination given the variety of attractions that you can find. However, did you know that the city is home to all these hidden gems for coffee lovers? Yes! Indeed, Davao is an ideal spot for a warm cup of coffee.

Therefore, if you're in Davao and wondering "where is the best coffee near me?" — then look no further! I've compiled a list of Davao coffee shops for your next coffee crawl. Please note that this list excludes chain coffee shops such as Bo's, CBTL, and Starbucks.

Take a look at the list and pick your favorite.

Fourth Street Café

Location: Narra Street

The cafe has a bright, white space that is both beautiful and spacious for you to relax while sipping your morning brew. The interior, on the other hand, doesn't have the kind of setup that would allow you to stay there for long periods of time with your laptop on the table. So, getting a warm cup at Fourth Street Café and leaving after is the ideal pacing for this coffee shop.

They were able to create a small garden at the back of the property that was both functional and visually appealing. I also don’t think you can enjoy a sip there as everyone uses the area for photo taking.

I opted for a cold Spanish Latté as my beverage of choice. As good as the coffees are, I don't think they're anything special because they taste just like your average cup. In other words, while I understand that the Spanish Latte is sweeter than usual because that's how it should be, the creaminess I was hoping for was missing from the drink.

The cost of the coffee is reasonable. Moreover, the baristas were friendly and accommodating.

On occasion, they'll assemble a small stackable pet fence in the middle of the coffee shop, I guess to maximize the space, for their furbabies to play in. Unfortunately, I was unable to see it during my visit, which was a disappointment as I had been looking forward to it. However, if you're an animal lover who enjoys a cup of coffee, this is a good place to visit.

Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee

Location: HIUSA Building, Vinzon St, Bo. Obrero

If you're looking for a cup made by a true artisan, consider trying Kwago Brew Kape De Leche at Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee. I'm not a coffee connoisseur, so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of flavor, but the aroma and richness of the drink I ordered were appealing to me. Although it wasn't particularly strong, I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Even though this location doesn't feel quite as warm and inviting as the other, I'm getting charming dark and artsy vibes from it. It's also possible to imagine how crowded it would get at night because there are two other small businesses in the same space, but I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Rather, it is a positive thing.

Aside from offering a good taste of coffee, the Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee is in partnership with the Krumbs (along with House of Sambal) to provide food for their customers. I was only able to sample the Bahnmi during my visit because it was rushed and they weren't ready until 4 p.m., which I arrived earlier than scheduled.

The Banhmi bread was crisp and the vegetables were fresh. It was flavorful and satisfying, thanks to the generous portion of meat and seasonings. I just hope I have enough time to try the other, but I know there will be another time.

Southside Coffee

Location: Rustico Cabaguio Street corner Lupo Diaz Street

Definitely a favorite from this batch I listed here. 

Southside Coffee is a small, cute, white coffee shop right down the road where you can stop in, order a good cup of coffee, and be on your merry way. While they offer a bunch of options on how you would like your coffee to be served, I ordered a good afternoon treat, the Affogato. 

Affogato was a new experience for me, but it was a pleasant one in every way. Freshly brewed espresso coffee's strong aroma is a nice counterpoint to the sweet vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreos and Choco chips, which tastes even better.

I wanted to stay longer, but since this is a small space, you need to grab your coffee out to give room for others. Hence the reason why most of their cold signature coffee and best-selling drinks are premade in a bottle. 

Balay Juice & Coffee Co.

Location: 20E Teodoro Palma Gil Street

Well, if you enjoy the nightlife of Palma Gil Street, I’m pretty sure that you spotted this small coffee shop already sitting at the corner of Guzman Street. Balay Juice & Coffee Co. just has a coffee counter for you to enjoy your drink. 

I think the place is perfect since the people around this area just come and go. So getting a warm cup at any time of the day is how this coffee shop is being marketed, I presume. 

The barista recommended that I try the Nitro Cold Brew during my visit. He was kind enough to teach me how to drink it properly, but I'm not sure it's for me. Don't interpret these words as an attack. It doesn't taste like coffee to me, and that's a bummer. When he mentioned that it was sweet despite the texture, I thought it was the other way around, and I couldn't figure out what was going on with my taste buds.

Despite this, I'd like to return to this coffee shop in the future to see if the other flavors are any better.


Location: Phase I, Marfori Heights, 77 Topaz Street

The visit at atCurbside was a little different as I did not take any coffee orders, but rather a slice of Brazo de Mercedes and a round of Cheese Quesadilla. However, the baristas were generous to offer me a complimentary drink, their signature iced tea. 

It doesn’t have a proper name; it is just Signature Iced Tea. I did not regret not ordering it because I was too stuffed for the day but I will definitely come back to grab it.

The menu did not say anything but there’s definitely a basil and star anise in the drink. Rather than the usual iced tea we get from others, this is a refreshing change of pace that's ideal to cleanse the palate after a satisfying meal. Sweet and savory, but with a flavor that's both ambiguous and enticing.

That's something I'll investigate further when I get a chance to come back.

That’s it for this batch, I will write another article for the second part of my coffee crawl.

I hope you enjoy this. 

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