Budgeting Tips from an Impulsive Spender

3:12 AM

I have been an impulsive spender whenever I have had the means to do so. In addition, I live alone, so I am not concerned about others. Typically, this occurs when the paycheck arrives. After a few days, I would realize that I have over my budget, which is undesirable. But my toxic irrational reasoning is that budgeting is simpler during times of scarcity.

My reasoning is straightforward: with less, there is less room for waste. Every expenditure becomes a thoughtful act, a trade-off between costs and a laser-like concentration on what is most essential.

On the other hand, as time has gone on, when it comes to prioritizing my expenditures, particularly in this post-pandemic era, I have made it a point to retain any beneficial habits I have acquired while eliminating any negative ones. Such as:

Plan Purchases

Before I go shopping, I write down everything that I require on a list. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for groceries. Plan my meals based on what I already have in my kitchen as well as what I can buy on sale at my go-to store. Make it a point to consume everything that I had stored away in the early stages of the lockdowns so that nothing goes to waste.


Try to avoid buying duplicates of things that aren't currently required. If I currently have two or three of a particular thing, I do not purchase the fourth one of those items. To reduce the number of times per month that I have to go out and purchase additional clothing for myself, I improved the organization of my laundry system.

Emotion versus Financial Expenditure

I no longer share my sentiments toward monetary expenditures. I am well aware of the significance of my feelings, but I do not permit them to have an outsized impact on the choices I make regarding my finances. If I am not in a feeling that is neither happy nor sad, I will not shop at any of my favorite stores, whether they are physical or virtual. Even in these cases, I plan to determine what it is that I need to purchase so that each transaction brings me closer to attaining my objectives rather than further away from doing so.


My room is filled to the brim with things that I no longer require and that no longer provide me with pleasure to look at or use. I never forget to add them to the list so that I can sell them at a later time.

But when a circumstance happens that demands me to have a particular amount of money that I do not have, I always look for methods that will help me resolve the issue, such as obtaining a loan and so on. After all, that’s the reason why SSS exists since I’ve been a premium contributor for more than half a decade.

The lengthy processing procedures associated with obtaining a loan from SSS are the only thing that would make me think twice about applying for one. So, I always explore for other options to find the right online payday loan quickly. You may learn more about the benefits of payday loans by reading this article.

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