UNIQLO: UT Archive Project Relaunches Timeless Designs for Brand's 20th Anniversary

3:24 AM

In honor of the UT brand's 20th anniversary since its inception in 2003, Japanese clothing giant UNIQLO announced that it will launch the UT Archive Project. The UNIQLO graphic T-shirt (UT) brand allows the wearer to express their unique style with a wide variety of authentic pop culture and art designs from across the world. The team will re-release a set of UTs from their previous releases because of their enduring popularity. On the same date, UNIQLO will also launch the UT Archive, an online resource that details the history of the company and its products.

The 18 designs chosen from the UT archives to represent the collection demonstrate the deep roots of this LifeWear in visual art, music, film, and animation from all around the world. Jean-Michel Basquiat's 2003 UT and Andy Warhol's work, both of which have been frequently featured in UT lineups over the years, are just two examples of designers whose work has been incorporated into UT's lineup. Similarly, Osamu Tezuka's artwork graces the cover of a 2006 UT for Black Jack, while a 2009 UT celebrates the history of the groundbreaking Street Fighter video game franchise.

Customers will be transported on a voyage through the UT Archive Site, where they will learn about fascinating cultural phenomena and locate their most desired products. UNIQLO's dedication to enriching people's lives through the T-shirt is reflected in this digital archive. It will feature works by artists, fictional personalities, and international business and brand partnerships.

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