realme narzo 50i Prime: Is it Worth Buying?

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The purchase of a brand-new smartphone can be quite pricey. However, it is not necessary to always purchase the most expensive smartphone available in the market. If your phone use is limited to texting and calling, and you simply can't justify spending much on the latest and most powerful model, then there are affordable alternatives to consider.

Even while the camera on a budget smartphone won't be up to par, it'll still make and receive calls and texts just fine. One that has recently caught my attention is the narzo 50i Prime.

The narzo 50i Prime has a high-quality operating system, plenty of storage, a decent camera, longer battery life, an appealing design, and, most importantly, a price that belies its premium features.

Let's dig deeper into the points I raised and decide if they're enough to justify a purchase.

System and Storage

The narzo 50i Prime is exceptional among smartphones of this type because it features a dedicated Triple Card Slot that allows for up to 1TB of extra memory via MicroSD card in addition to Dual SIM capability.

A Unisoc T612 processor running on a 12nm Octa-Core node, with two Cortex-A75 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores that can each clock up to 1.82GHz, powers the operating system and ensures a fluid transition between apps. Furthermore, it includes a Mali-G57 graphics processing unit.

This makes the phone an absolute beast when it comes to storing data, despite its sleek build and pleasing aesthetics.

My only gripe with the narzo 50i Prime is that its 3GB of RAM holds me down when I'm trying to multitask or conduct any kind of intensive online activity. In spite of this, it has sufficient storage for daily use and satisfactory gaming performance for casual gamers.


It has an 8-megapixel AI camera on the back that doesn't require complicated lens settings, making it an excellent choice for casual photographers who only need a reliable device. Standard-definition photos and videos can be captured with ease with its 5MP Selfie Camera, making it ideal for sharing on social media.

Even while the camera isn't the narzo 50i Prime's finest suit, it still manages to capture some stunning images that are sure to stand the test of time.

Sample Photos and Video

Battery and Display 

The narzo 50i Prime, like its larger counterparts in the narzo family, is equipped with a 5000mAh Massive Battery that can be charged at a rate of 10W. This should be more than enough juice to get users through an entire day of use.

Even though I haven't charged the device since I first got it, my initial impression is that the battery life is excellent. The battery originally had 65% life, and after running all the tests, installing all the apps, and doing some basic online activities, it still has a respectable 39% life left.

The lower portion displays the 2.5mm headset jack, microphone, micro USB 2.0 port, and speaker.

The narzo 50i Prime has a display and is 182g light and 8.5mm thin. The narzo 50i Prime's 6.5-inch HD+ Large Display is LCD with a screen resolution of HD+ 720x1600 and a screen-to-body ratio of 88.70%, making it significantly larger than competing smartphones in its price range without sacrificing on the immersive viewing experience they offer. Supporting a refresh rate of 60Hz allows you to watch nearly all videos without any noticeable lag.


Starting on September 30th, the quickest seller from the narzo 50 Series will be available for just PHP 3,999 on all sales channels around the country.

The narzo 50i Prime and the rest of the narzo 50 series are not only sold on Lazada, but also on Shopee, TikTok Shop, and at any of the 27 narzo retail locations and kiosks found across the country. 

Only the unit and its cord are included for the price. No additional accessories.


My preference for realme stems from the company's high-quality smartphones, and I can personally attest to the quality of the brand in terms of its usefulness in day-to-day life. Having said that, should one go ahead and purchase a narzo 50i Prime? There are several good reasons why I would answer yes. Getting the unit for less than P4,000 is already a tremendous steal, especially considering all the inflation we have to deal with right now. While it couldn't match my usual smartphone's performance, it did impress me with its battery life, clear speaker, nice finish, wonderful screen, and awesome appearance.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

For more information and the latest updates on the narzo Philippines, follow the brand’s official Facebook page and tune in to the daily live streams on TikTok.

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