Supporting Delivery Partners: foodpanda's pandaPatrol Brings Assistance Closer

6:41 PM

As someone who comes from down south of the Philippines, I have always admired the efforts of companies that show genuine care for their employees and partners. That is why I was thrilled to hear about foodpanda’s latest initiative, the pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels.

The pink-colored coaster, adorned with the foodpanda logo, will be making its way to different provinces and cities across the country, including in Mindanao where I live. This is great news because it means that Ka-panda delivery partners will have the chance to interact with the foodpanda team and take part in fun and exciting activities.

What I appreciate the most about this initiative is the focus on engaging and assisting their delivery partners. The pandaPatrol coaster will serve as a support hub for the Ka-pandas, providing them with the opportunity to raise any concerns on the spot. This means that they can receive the appropriate solution to their queries, whether it be technical issues with their accounts, assistance on their delivery sessions, or providing feedback for process improvement.

It is also great to know that foodpanda continues to ramp up their efforts in supporting and engaging their Ka-pandas. They recently concluded their annual panda legends online tournament and sealed a partnership with Pag-IBIG Fund and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to help their delivery partners gain access to the government’s social security programs and benefits.

Furthermore, to show their appreciation for the hard work of their Ka-pandas, foodpanda rolled out a campaign that matches every tip received by the riders on the app. This shows that they truly value the efforts of their delivery partners.

foodpanda’s pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels is a wonderful initiative that showcases the company’s commitment to supporting and assisting their delivery partners while driving engagement for their Ka-pandas. I am excited to see the pandaPatrol coaster in my city and show my support for these dedicated delivery partners who help bring joy to our doorstep.

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