Kada-kada Like A Panda: foodpanda's Vibrant Presence at Davao’s 38th Kadayawan Festival

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Davao City, renowned for its rich cultural diversity and bountiful harvests, came alive once again as it celebrated the 38th Kadayawan Festival. This colorful extravaganza, themed "Colors of Abundance, Vibrance of Diversity, Festival of Festivals," marked a joyous occasion to express gratitude for nature's gifts and embrace the vibrant culture of the 11 tribes that call Davao home.

Adding a touch of its signature pink hue to the festivities, the online food and grocery platform, foodpanda, left an indelible mark on the celebration. Through their "Kada-kada Like A Panda" initiative, they not only engaged their loyal app users but also welcomed potential subscribers with delightful surprises and exciting activities that elevated the festive atmosphere.

Watch the vibrant highlights of foodpanda's participation at the Kadayawan Festival here


Patricia Jacinto, the Growth & Marketing Director of foodpanda Philippines, expressed her enthusiasm for the company's active involvement in the week-long celebration. She stated, “foodpanda was thrilled to immerse ourselves in the vibrant Kadayawan festivities. By actively participating in various Kadayawan events, we aimed to spread joy and offer a plethora of prizes to both the Dabawenyos and our loyal app users.”

Notably, foodpanda played a pivotal role in some of the festival's competitions, serving as a special judge in events like Indak Indak, Hiyas ng Kadayawan, and Hudyaka sa Kadayawan. This engagement allowed foodpanda to recognize and reward individual or group contenders who showcased outstanding performances, further solidifying their connection with the community and the festival's cherished traditions. 

Kicking off the Kadayawan festivities on a heartwarming note, foodpanda partnered with the beloved local eatery, Mamastill Atbp., for the "Paying It Forward Free Pastil" project at the bustling Roxas Night Market. Pastil, a beloved local delicacy, was distributed to all those who contribute to the vibrancy of the night market, including hardworking vendors, vigilant police officers, special task force members, and diligent street sweepers. Indulge in the culinary experience by watching Mamastill Atbp.'s gastronomic video here.

For more details about foodpanda and the incredible offers available, visit their official website at https://www.foodpanda.ph. Don't forget to follow their official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube to stay updated on all the exciting happenings.

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