Unlocking Joy: Home Credit's Exclusive 0% Holiday Deals with Marian Rivera

10:18 PM

Home Credit Philippines, the leading consumer finance company in the country, proudly announces celebrated actress Marian Rivera as its newest brand ambassador, heralding a festive holiday season.

Marian, renowned for her iconic performances on television and the big screen, has proven herself as a versatile talent. Beyond her acting prowess, she has also ventured successfully into entrepreneurship, established herself as a prominent model, showcased her dancing skills, excelled as a TV host, and gained fame as a TikTok sensation.

Amidst her diverse career roles, Marian Rivera remains steadfast in her commitment as a devoted mother of two and a loving wife, consistently placing her family's needs at the forefront to provide them with the life they truly deserve. This quality aligns perfectly with the brand, embodying the aspirations of every Filipino.

Marian Rivera represents the nature of Filipinos—being able to provide their loved ones and even themselves with the life they desire. As we welcome her to our Home Credit family, we are confident that her values will resonate with our customers. Together with Marian Rivera, we look forward to making this holiday season truly special for Filipinos,” Shiela Paul, Home Credit’s Chief Marketing Officer, said.

The Great 0% Festival

In conjunction with the introduction of their new brand ambassador, Home Credit is unveiling an array of holiday offers, empowering Filipinos to pursue their personal and familial aspirations with confidence this holiday season.

Among these offerings is the return of the limited-time promotion, "The Great 0% Festival," which presents an enticing 0% interest rate on various installment payment options, spanning from six to 18 months. Accessible through Home Credit partner stores and Shoppingmall.ph, this promotion encompasses a wide range of lifestyle and tech products, such as mobile phones, laptops, appliances, furniture, and more. This enables users to bring their goals to fruition and create unforgettable moments this holiday season for themselves and their loved ones.

As the country’s trusted partner ‘Para Sa Life,’ we want to enable our users to turn their personal and family goals into reality this holiday season. Our 0% interest rate offer on various lifestyle and tech products are not just financial services but relevant tools for the Filipinos to achieve the lifestyle they aspire for themselves and their families, especially during this festive time of the year. We hope that celebrating the holidays is a time when dreams are fulfilled and aspirations are realized,” Paul concluded.

For the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, please visit their official website at www.homecredit.ph. You can also stay updated by following their official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to explore the latest promotions and discover what's new in the Marketplace.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

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